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A cute 2D platformer about a Pig and his journey
Submitted by ryshaw, Gabyyu — 6 minutes, 2 seconds before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Original Audio#34.2004.200
Original Graphics#44.0004.000
Most Creative Use of Theme#63.9003.900
Overall Fun#73.6003.600

Ranked from 20 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Nice work! I really like that you updated the controls to be cleaner, it's very noticeable and makes the game play much better!  Super impressed with all the work put into this and the character variation.

Really cute story! One of the jokes got a nice laugh out of me! There were  a couple places where I needed to die in order to know how to progress.. which was frustrating, would've made a big difference if the flags were checkpoints in those instances.. but you managed a lot in the time you had, nice work!

total time: 9:37

game overs: 38


The improved jumping makes a world of difference! I also appreciate the new control options - The only thing slightly awkward about them is having to use the mouse at all, but at least that's only in the menus. Total time 9:58 Game Overs 15


I haven't worked pass part 1 since I keep getting frustrated when Pig got into the water or the thorns T_T it's because I'm not used to the WASD keys (always been using arrow keys to walk around & SPACEBAR to jump in games), so it would be nice to have an option to use WASD  or arrow/space keys. Will try to play again though ^^" other than that, everything is really good!  :D <3


Updated! You can now switch the control scheme in the options menu :) and thank you for the kind comments!!

yay, thank you! XD but I havnt got the time to play these days, but will certainly try out the new updates :D


I loved the opening cutscene! All the sprites were really cute.

It took me 35 game overs but I eventually beat it!

I think the frog handles the best given the precision needed to hit enemies (collisions are really tough and unforgiving, any side pixels touching spikes or enemies seems to be death even if you're mostly on top of the enemy or next to the spike) but I enjoyed playing as the cat the most!

Pig felt a little neglected in the later levels, and I also felt like I could've used checkpoints at the flags on the last couple, maybe. They were hard for me! 

I love the overall creativity of having to juggle the characters and the simple sweetness of the story. :)


Thank you for the kind words :) and yes, you have to learn to be careful. Given more time I would've fine-tuned collisions, they can be really tough to get right. I'm happy you enjoyed the game!


Really cute! I really liked the art on the cutscene! :)


The opening cutscene was so cute and well done!

But once I got to the game, I've just been unable to get over the second/wider water jump no matter what I do, so I haven't been able to progress through the game at all.


Sorry about that! If it's running slow, you could try downloading the desktop version. I also just now made the jump hitbox much wider, so it should be easier to jump. Let me know if you come back to it :)


That opening cutscene was really cute!


I have a few comments with all due kindness.
I really struggled with the platforming for the first couple of levels because decades of Mario have taught me to jump at the last possible moment to gain the most distance. But here, if half of your sprite is over the edge, you lose the ability to jump at all.
Then I struggled with the frog because the minimum bounce he does while moving is so much bigger than the movement you'd get for the same single tap as the pig. It makes it so hard to get into position to clear a row of spikes. I don't know how many times I died from hitting the sides of them. I spent no less than 15 minutes on marshlands 2 to get a clear time of 1:40.
And while the intro cutscene is wonderful, I wish for the ability to skip it.


Thank you for the comments! I just released an update that addressed two of your concerns. I made the jump hitbox much wider and there's now an option to skip the opening cutscene.

For the frog, you can get hops of any size you like by holding down W to do a small jump. But I do recognize it's difficult to get in position either way, so I'll be open to more feedback about that. Thanks again :)