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I have to admit, it is fun making monsters! I don't know if you're going to continue this project, but it feels like to me the hardest parts are already done. 

Also, gaze upon this creature of despair. All sliders set to 0. It is... THE PANDA BEAR.

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Wow, this map must have been a crazy amount of work! I've never played an adventure map before, but I had a lot of fun getting through all the puzzles. I only got enough secret coins for, what appears to be the level 2? ending. The puzzles and stuff are great, but the mapping and layout was gorgeous!

Question, though, any reason the gamemode wasn't set to Adventure so you can't break blocks? I don't know much about adventure maps, so I'm curious.

Oh, I get it, I'm the confused animal.

Really cool idea, it's pretty immersive playing it with a controller and keyboard instead of WASD + Arrow Keys. It also works really well as a fun co-op game.

I got to 1301 after a few tries. The music in this game is just beautiful, Akira!

That opening cutscene was really cute!

I really love the gameplay idea, I could see an entire game based around this mechanic! The art and animation were so good, too! I especially love the little vignettes between some of the levels.

(I was playing with a controller, which for the most part was fine, but there was no button for the dragging/barking mechanic. )

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My first impression was that it was going to be something Chu Chu Rocket-esque, but then it turned into a circuit creator that gave me flashbacks to my redstone machinery days. The idea is awesome, but it might be a little complex for me. I got to level 29, but I couldn't quite work how the bridges interacted with the gates and buffers.

Overall, it's a really cool concept and I can't imagine the programming side of it. Well done!

EDIT:  I forgot to mention, "Mouse3" as the camera control is awkward, since I don't have a middle mouse button - I had to use program to emulate the button press. Oh, also, the music track is fantastic!

It's like HERDING CATS: THE VIDEO GAME. The idea is simple, but the dive adds a lot of depth. I really like all the options in the menu, too, especially the reverse chase mode. Lots of fun!

The concept is unique to me, and it's fun! I like the idea of obstacles not just ending your run, instead slowing you down - it makes your speed sort of like a life bar. Also, anything with penguins is a bonus!

Oh, and I really love the game over music, it reminds me of Pilotwings 64.

From the aesthetic I wasn't expecting the difficulty of an old-school RPG, but that was definitely a bonus - most games in this vein just let you mash attack to get through, actually using skills and items is always nice. The music can be a little grating sometimes, but the town theme and boss battle theme were A+!

Graphically, I LOVE it, the 4-color Game Boy-esque theme, the cute faces and sprites were super charming. 

Overall, what can I say? It's a cute game with a cute story!

Aw, thanks. Yes, it ends with the rain, I started a little late into the jam so I couldn't finish everything I wanted.

Thanks for playing, though! (and I'll def fix that collision thing)