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Spawned 100 flying walruses (walrii?) and put camera behind one to watch it navigate marine air traffic. 10/10

Dude, I love this -- definitely very evocative of Banjo/Mario 64! Very nostalgic for me and fun to play :)

Oh, I love this! It's pretty, the controls are intuitive, and it's a lot of fun -- I could use some more practice on the second level but I think it's my fave!

Love the music and the environment! Everything feels very smooth, but I am no good at scoring goals. Had a lot of fun bouncing it around like crazy though :D

Much Pokemon, very wow! I love that the run option is called "dip," haha!

Simple and fun! Love the spin on the coins, the magnet power-up, and the UI!

This looks great! Love the chill music and the sound effects. Much Dogger, very wow!!

Much cute, very jump! Wow!!

Fantastic tamadogechi :) Love the art!

This looks great, for a week-long game jam certainly but also like it's an actual mobile game :) Love the music and the minigames were easy to understand and cute!

This was so clever, silly, and fun! Props on putting this together in a week, with hilarious voiceover too!

Made it to the moon!! This was a lot of fun, good sound effects :)

Wow, ambitious to do 3D for this! I had problems with the camera too but I really enjoyed it nonetheless, fun music and the movement feels very good. Much wow!

This was fun! I liked the gear names (although I didn't think to equip my new sword until I beat the game whoops). Catchy music too.

The graphics are so cute! Great way to tell a story quickly.

I have made a decent fortune, much wow! I will have to check out Twine sometime, looks cool :)

Great puns, great Jim, very amuse!

This is pretty! Love the graphics and how fluid the controls are.

The design of the doge is so cute! Great job!

Very fun, love the coin and sad trombone sounds :D

This is much cute!

Got 29! Missed one coin before getting hit. Great job with the warning indicators and I like the music!

The wobble animation is just hilarious! Very good doge!!

Haha, it's really the simple things in life sometimes. Very satisfying!

Cool! I enjoyed the floaty jumps and the transformation! Would like to see more :D

Really captures the chaos energy of the internet. Much ow, many doge.

Great job on your first Unity game! Looks and sounds great, and I'm sorry you weren't able to get your newer build working!

Very challenging and replayable!! Great job!

Oh man, this looks so good. And full of your usual level of pun-ishment! Love the lighting and the music's cool too.

Thanks!! :D

This feels so polished! I enjoyed poking around all the dialogue (it's nicely written) and that you get limited topics of conversation. :)

This is incredibly clever and fun!! I must have fallen off the jumping puzzle 50-60 times but I persevered! I ended up with like 192 coins I think, I thought I did good until I found out there were way more... I was assuming 200! And I didn't find the SUPER SECRET, so now I'm really curious...

This music is awesome and I could play this forever!! (I was obsessed with Galaga as a kid) 

I'll submit a high score although I feel like I have to keep practicing to beat Kreyg's! I just realized you can wrap around the sides of the screen so maybe that'll give me an edge... :D

I love the Animal Crossing-ish Penguinese sounds!! And the cleverness of the system messages and pulling the username :D The sprites are cute and this is a really fun use of tetriminos!

I really like how pieces can snap to things from the side, including the walls -- opens up a lot of possibilities! And I like having to control both the penguin and the blocks at the same time, tickles my brain!

Please make more!!

I love this! The music keeps me going!! I'm up to like level 24 and gonna finish it later :)

I agree with Lopar and Akira -- you can definitely polish this into something pretty popular I feel like, it's already fundamentally fun and unique! I would suggest color coding the gate types or giving players the option to "inspect" tiles for a reminder about how they work. I love how the levels teach you as you go, but it's still a lot to juggle, at least for me.

The character creator is so much fun -- character creation is usually my favorite part of RPGs so I could spend hours doing this. I love the whole concept and I can't wait to see where you take it, the abilities are fun and there's a lot of puzzle potential. The narration plus the overall zaniness of it gives me Little Big Planet vibes!

Thanks, guys! Yes, maybe it needs a New Game+ starring Brad the Pony so players can A-B test it...

Thank you, sir! :D Unlike last jam it definitely feels like something I can expand without investing heavily in learning more intricate stuff so I'm optimistic I actually will do so.

Played both versions, the new one definitely makes a little more sense and opens up more stuff! I like the music a lot and the overall platforming feels very smooth. I would love to see more of the story. Good job :D