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This is an awesome mashup.


It's freaking adorable. :D

Nice work! I really like that you updated the controls to be cleaner, it's very noticeable and makes the game play much better!  Super impressed with all the work put into this and the character variation.

Thanks! I'm glad it finally came together, it was touch and go for a bit there!

Thanks! It definitely has that feel!

I like that you went with a multiplayer game, it actually seems really interesting, hopefully I can get a chance to try it with other people.

Thanks! As soon as I drew the penguin, I knew the main character needed to be a penguin. :D  Loved your entry as well!

Thanks for playing! I'm glad the pulling to the right made it more interesting :D

Thanks!  It was a fun project to work on and learn Godot on! 

Glad you liked the right drift, it was one of the things that I knew I wanted right from the beginning.  I totally want to add more to it and clean up some of the gameplay.

I remember seeing you working on the sliders. It's really awesome that you were able to make a game out of it. I love how the stats swap around as you change slider values.  :)

That was mindblowing! Loved it. :D Really love the mashup of the two mechanics.

Thanks! It was my first time with Godot, so the first couple of weeks was going through the tutorial! There was so much more I wanted to add, but that's the good and bad thing about deadlines; they force you to finish. :D

And thank you for commenting on the music! My friend pointed me to a licensed music site that I was hurriedly going through on the last day to find music and sound effects that worked. :)