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I love how the animal walking play out music! Haven't gotten an opportunity to play it multiplayer with anyone yet unfortunately..

Really liked it! Interesting characters and a lot of variety!

I liked how you handled optional dialogue and find all the item check descriptions interesting.. This looks, sounds, and feels great!

There's potential here.. It has some nice ideas and a cute story!

Nice writing, that ending got a laugh out of me!

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Awesome character creator! o.o; I had a lot of fun trying to make a goblin!

Web Import Code: RMQQ (if it's a share-able code)

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Nice puzzles! I got to level 30.. got 1 confoosimal rescued.. but couldn't figure out how to make the button keep spawning them for the other 19! (If there is a way to)

Really cute story! One of the jokes got a nice laugh out of me! There were  a couple places where I needed to die in order to know how to progress.. which was frustrating, would've made a big difference if the flags were checkpoints in those instances.. but you managed a lot in the time you had, nice work!

total time: 9:37

game overs: 38

That music is awesome and brings so much life to this!

It kept me playing until I got all the bunnies, I enjoyed it!

I had a lot of fun with this! The story bits were immersive and interesting.. o.o;  (Got hyped seeing my name!) good job!

Glad to see you got this up and working! The gameplay is neat, I really like the chaos!

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Thanks! (Uhm.. yeah, I actually forgot I had added controller inputs at all..  I programmed it in Godot and it keeps that stuff tucked away in the menus.. o.o; Will fix it in the future!)


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Glad you were able to beat it! o.o; I wasn't able to recreate the crash, not sure what happened there.. This was my first real Godot project,  still figuring out the engine! x.X!

I did realize the need for the drag text on the previous level and made an updated build before the submissions closed.. Thanks for the feedback!

Aye, mostly done in a day! I was coding in BlitzMax which is a pretty dead language.. I'm still very new to Godot, I think it's mainly a 2D engine, and haven't programmed any games in 3D yet, so 2D assets would be easier on me too..

How do you want to communicate? I use the same username for steam, discord, yahoo mail, gmail, etc.. I don't think there's a way send messages on ..

I'm not really set on what game to make.. was brainstorming a bit but haven't really fleshed anything out..

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I would be willing to team up.. not exactly a fast coder though.. It's been years since I've done one of those, currently learning Godot and would like to code this project in that..


This is one a did where the theme was an asteroids-clone game..,3310


This was a halloween theme..


The first one I did was Adventure Time themed..(yeah, copyrighted stuff.. but Pendleton Ward was involved in organizing the jam and this stuff was used with permission) I way rushed it because a collab fell through, has some annoying issues that would've been easy to fix with a bit more time..  x.X;


(most of these were done in a day, I tend to procrastinate, working with someone might change that though) *edits* No worries if you decide you're not interested in working with me.. No pressure.

Hey! What's the license on these? Are they okay to use in a commercial game?

Thanks for the update! o.o; I'm finding all your assets to be incredible helpful!

That's awesome! Thank you!

Eh.. I would be interested in this too.. (as well as an alternate license from CC-BY-SA)

Pretty fun, nice job! I would have stopped playing at level 6 if one of the comments on here hadn't hinted that it was the last level though..