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This is really cool!  Love the particle effects, well done!

Nicely done!  Wish it would track my high score! :)

Very nice!  Artwork looks great, and a great message!

This is really so good, the levels are challenging (but possible!) and the lighting is amazing!

I spent much too much time clicking in this, really well done!  

The physics material is very bouncy, especially the floor, but the balls give themselves a bit of a kick away from anything they collide with too!  Glad you enjoyed it! :)

Thanks, you made it a long way!  It is possible!  Everything you need to know was demonstrated in previous levels, but it was meant to be difficult!  :)

Thanks!  I've got those things on my to-do list, we'll see how it goes!  I want a plushie too! :D

Thanks so much!  I'm thinking about that option!

Thanks, that seems to be working well!

The opening cutscene was so cute and well done!

But once I got to the game, I've just been unable to get over the second/wider water jump no matter what I do, so I haven't been able to progress through the game at all.

Nicely done!  There's a lot of atmosphere in the game, really giving the feeling everything is kind of old and worn out.

There's a lot of dialog options too - I don't think I read half of them, I probably missed a bunch by accidentally pressing on with the story!

Needs more A-B testing.

Seriously, though, seems like a really cool start!  Love the capybara! :)

The graphics in this are really cool!  The animals are so round! :D

I didn't get to play with anyone else yet, though.  

Unfortunately, I can't seem to get this to run.  It just starts putting up dozens of "OLE Error 8878001E" error message boxes and eventually crashes.

The game idea is so good!  I love the idea of switching between characters with different abilities, the characters compliment each other so well!

I had trouble with the dragging mechanic too - it would always crash the game when I tried.

The art is really well done!  Though it took me longer than it should have to notice the number of legs Kiki has. :D

You did so well!  There are only 30 levels, so I ramped up the difficulty pretty hard at the end.  :)

Good point about the camera - I'll see about some other options if I come back to this one.

XOR = power to one side or the other, but not both. :)

I really like the concept!  I found it pretty difficult, and kept dropping blocks into inconvenient places, but that's a really clever combination of game ideas!

This is really crazy, but I liked it!  I didn't actually catch all of the bunnies yet, I keep tripping over hedges! :D  

This was really amazing!  Excellent job on the house and mazes!  The use of compasses was clever, and there is so much amazing redstone stuff going on!  I got stuck at all of the jumping puzzles though, and accidentally placed my red key in the world, and cheated a little bit to the end.  I deserve my level 1 ranking.

Mmmm, spaceships... this was pretty fun!  I think my high score was a bit over 19K.  It ramps up slowly but gets pretty chaotic!  Love the music!

This was pretty cool!  Extra difficult that he pulls to the right all the time!  :)

Very cool!  The creature editor is really well done with lots of possibilities.  There's definitely a lot of potential for a cool adventure game.  I fell out of the world a few times in the test level though, and the near-clipping on the level is a bit weird.  :)