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I like the message and how getting out of a dark place involves helping others! I like the light/dark theme too!

This is so cool! It's like the minecraft Winchester mansion :D The puzzles are so clever!

This is a nice start! The writing is good and definitely has the feel of visual novels :)

This is a really well conceived game! I could imagine it being a popular mobile puzzle game at some point!

I found this really enjoyable! Well balanced and a fun mini concept :)

This is cute! I like the concept and impressive to make a multiplayer game :) 

The character creator is so incredibly involved and amazing!! Like, better than so many commercial games. I loooove the narrator and the really cool intro sequence and tidbits, and knocking stuff over with my monstrosity :D It's already really pretty and runs nicely, I can imagine you continuing on this and legitimately making a commercial game with it!

Really cute! I really liked the art on the cutscene! :)

This is a clever mechanic! I feel like it'd be a fun minigame on like Mario Party or WarioWare or a game like that!

So clever!! The intro sequence was hilarious too! I love how it found my name :D

So cute! The switching mechanic is clever and the art is really cute!

Yep! The rule is targeted at people taking assets from commercial games without permission, and things like that. If you have purchased assets and are licensed to use it in a game, you can use it in this game jam.

That’s fine. As an example, “Rudolph the red nosed reindeer” isn’t a political or divisive song. 

Thank you for this! It was very inspiring :)

If you're stuck on the puzzle, here is a gif of the solution: