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A jam submission

Spider Prototype 0.1View game page

You are a small spider in a big world.
Submitted by OneratGames (@OneratGames) — 1 hour, 14 minutes before the deadline
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This prototype lets see a good potential for a great game ! Indeed, it is very fun to control the spider, and the death mechanic is stressful, but fun at the same time ! However, it misses objectives/goals for the player to exploit all the capacities of the spider.


Awesome spider, man. 

Keen to see this game get legs.

Recon you'll do a web build?

someone stop me.

Awesome submission. Who would've thought crawling over everyday objects would be this fun? :p

It was cool to see this prototype come together. It'd be fun to see how far you could take this.

Sorry i think it's me but I can download it


You cant download it


Hehehehe, I liked the surprise ending, just when I was trying to crawl on the toothpaste!


Haha yeah, I never really managed to make it into a "game" but at least I got in a kinda cool death mechanic :P

Cheers for playing the prototype!


this is a dun prototype, but the camera movement is kinda annoying, but i love the little rotation its body does when using the scroll wheel, makes it more demonic when its in attack upside down walking around


Haha yeah I didnt get to spend much time on the camera during the jam, It will be one of the things i improve over the next few updates.

Glad you enjoyed it in this early stage :)


I know it's just a prototype but its way more fun than expected. Loved doing the scroll-backflip.


Thanks for playing the prototype :) I'm glad you enjoyed it!


The camera was a little frustrating at times, but loved the concept.   Would love a free look key, and clamped so it won't go through the level blinding me.

 What was right click doing?  I notice it allowed me to get up on the funny-shaped stuff like toothpaste/brush!  Would be awesome to get some webbing out of that booty!  The kinematics on the model are awesome.  The potted plant clearly the most safe area!


Hey thanks for playing the prototype!

Yeah the camera is just a placeholder, I didnt get time to spend much time on it during the jam, the camera will be improved over the next few updates.

Right clicking changes the pose of the spider from neutral to aggressive, the aggressive pose also changes the angle of the body so would also have the effect of making it easier to walk on some things, the movement will also be improved in the next few updates :)


intresting idea, awesome movment but i didnt c the connection  to the theme, and was their a goal "other than not get killed" :p 


Thanks! Haha yeah there isnt really a connection to the theme, I got carried away with the spider.
But I just participate to have fun, as the judge I cant win :)