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Chestionar Online

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I couldn't get the Live Demo to work at all... Help? The description sounds very enticing.

A. Lot. Of. Fun.

Pretty nice, but I found it a bit hard in the beginning.  On static, I can barely reach a blue star before I eject too much mass and turn them all red. Some balancing could make it more fun!

The general idea of boat physics stacking game is awesome! With a bit of work put into it, this could turn out as a really fun game.

Very nice and simple idea!

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Really nice update! Loving the character and new levels.

Very nice game! The sounds the character makes is a very nice touch and the execution is on point! Very nice interpretation of the theme!

Yeah, I need to learn to keep things simpler... Thanks for the feedback!

Yeah, I didn't have the time to configure that properly... I just went for something arcade-ish that felts ok. But I realize it's very buggy if you catch an edge in between your front thrusters.

Yeah it was either mouse control for camera or some sort of guiding hologram but time was short...

Hey! I don't have Linux on my machine so I wasn't able to playtest. I think I know what's wrong. Let me try to rebuild it.

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I turned invisible after dying a few times. So there's no penalty for different laser color other than the audio effect? Oh wait. Yeah there is. Would've been great to show the health. Time on music was well spent. Game starts a bit slow and easy.

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Apparently I'm not the only one thinking that level 4 is impossible... Graphics look well done, cat is cute.  It's great to see that people are not scared by the 3 hour limit and just making games in whatever time they can!

Lasers & LOLLIES? What the french is this dude on about? What do lollies and.... Hey wait a minute... This is pretty great! The glow is nice, very aesthetic. And the time slows the music? Why isn't the music like this all the time? Oh, look! A bomb! Gonna get all these lollies with it! GAME OVER. Wait what? Oh... Ok. Awesome game!

Really great use of lasers! I didn't really figure out where I was going so I lost in the end. The scream is a bit loud... But I guess that's the point.  I personally would've liked it to be focused on exploring and finding things in the cave, as opposed to having something to run from.

This looks awesome! Gorgeous! It took me a while to understand that I can order Finn around to go get chocolate. And Gunter is annoying. Just like in the series. Nice work! Hope to see this developed further!

First time around, I shot chocolate before I could read the "enemy" text, so when Gunter came over, I was unsure if he was good or bad. And I don't understand what the number at the bottom is. It goes to minus sometimes...

I just uploaded a Linux version, but I'm not able to test if everything works! There's nothing to do so far. I'm bad at level design so I thought no level, just test physics and play around would be better than a bad level. Thanks for the feedback!

Very wholesome. Awesome of you to do that!

Is this...? Could it be.... OMG! My mom used to play this back in '98 or something. I was 7 or 8 trying to figure out Settlers 2. I've never heard of it since... Great nostalgia!

Damn nice! Simple and very effective! Creates some tense moments.

The mechanic is interesting but the pacing is a bit slow. Work on those zombies to make it a bit more challenging! Also, I broke the game and the characters switched places and then they were each facing each other and was easy to play like that.... The art looks very very nice!!

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I played this one right when it was posted and really enjoyed it! The mechanics are awesome and fit the theme perfectly! A bit hard sometimes, as I forget which wheel can touch which color but great work overall! And the level design is fire!!!!

Nice little mechanic! Nice level design, you even got those tutorial levels! Not too hard, not too easy either. 

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Awesome simplistic concept! Really appropriate for the theme and the time frame! Awesome how if you mess up, you don't die but you get closer to the end. Sometimes there's more than 1 pair of circles though and I don't know which I'm supposed to match...

The game looks and sounds really awesome! Still can't beat it though... Would love to see more levels in this! Maybe there are but I can't beat the first?

Damn good game! Awesome level design and the main character is great! Controls are nice and tight.

Yea! Damn another good one that's funny! Nice work! Love the attack animations and jumping out of the water is satisfying.

This is good. Most literal interpretation of the theme. A game about opening a door and yet... It's well made. A creaking sound for the door would have made it almost perfect.

Very nice game! Love the atmosphere and the bullets look nice. Music suits it very well. But you have the laser since the start of the game if you press R and maybe zoom out when the map gets bigger? I wanna see all those bullets bounce!

Having to choose upgrades before I know what I have to do is hard choice. An introductory enemy in the first room would do great! Wasn't expecting all the chaos but it is damn fun if not a bit hard! Bullet sounds are a bit too loud but still... great fun!

Great work on the level design and overall gameplay! It feels a bit hard to control, I feel like it could use some improvement on that front but great game overall!

Just saw this video yesterday. And damn! Nice work! Especially for 1 day...

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The character looks weird, I think you should use two-sided materials for his hair at least. The overall atmosphere is nice, suits the grave theme pretty good. The levels seem a bit big so engines are hard to find. I would add a sound to them so you can tell when you're getting closer and not spend so much time looking for them. But in the end, the game style isn't that suited for the theme. Repairing engines in a graveyard while some RPG monster is hunting you down is weird.

When I saw the picture to the game I thought I was going to be an orc bashing down doors... Disappointed to see I'm only human.

Damn nice graphics! Really lovely atmosphere and animations! Very sad it's this short. Develop it further, maybe ditch the theme if you feel like it but keep them graphics!

The part I liked the most was the beginning. I didn't realize I was working my way to the grave until it was too late. The graphics style is very enjoyable, the people look nice. I'd love for my character to turn around, look where he's going or where my mouse is. The gameplay isn't that exciting but at least it manages to keep me interested until the end!

Fun little game, the sounds and particles are nice. Overall theme is weird... Why am I destroying coffins with doors? Do the blue coffins give me increase fire rate for a limited time or for a limited number of shots? Some zombie sounds could make the game a bit scarier....

Movement speed is horrendously slow. It makes for a slow experience and maybe show total number of gems I have to get so I know what my progress is. The rooms could use some more variety maybe and moving so slowly I decided I just enter and leave through the same door all the time. Couldn't tell if that worked to progress me through the game or not. Try changing the movement speed and maybe since stamina finishes so fast, make it more useful, so you use it only when you need to. I liked that you added footstep sounds, damage direction and the gems look nice.

The graphics are amazing. Lovely atmosphere and everything. Gameplay is great! Mechanics are pretty responsive and makes for some intense jumps.  I'd love some more audio feedback, especially when you get the blue gems so you know when u can dash again but overall it's an awesome game!

Other things that can be improved: I got lost sometimes, different types of terrain would help, so you know where you have been already, or a small clue towards where you need to go.