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Submitted by Niwala (@SamTechArt)
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Sound environment (including original music if there is)#14.3754.375
Respect of the themes#54.0634.063

Ranked from 16 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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it's a cool game, but there are no barriers! look what i found


You leave me no choice...


Haha, I'll take a look at that, one more thing on the list of things to fix. Thanks :D


OMG, the graphics are brilliant, the music staring with the first hit, amazing! Although it's just a prerelease demo, PLEASE DO FINISH IT!!! Really, don't drop this project, you made so much already! I can barely believe that it took you only 101-hours but I hope that's what is true!


I'm confirming that he did it all in 101 hours :)


Thank you! Only the main rock music (Demilitarized Zone) has not been made during the gamejam :D it comes from the youtube audio library :D

I'll do my best to finish it


Damn nice graphics! Really lovely atmosphere and animations! Very sad it's this short. Develop it further, maybe ditch the theme if you feel like it but keep them graphics!


Haha thank you. The animations weren't easy. I had to go over it a lot to get something that works. I'm glad you like it!


Gameplay was… OK (But great hopes for when this game will be finished)

Graphics are Amazing

Music is Excellent

Door: Check

5/5 on every rating.

PS: Add an endless mode in the final game, as well as the story mode you hinted in the game, because just beating the cr*p out of the demos it's actually fun… =D

(But i think this was already you intention, wasn't it???)


Thank you! To be honest I made the game without thinking too much about the final product. But yes, an endless mode seems to be perfect for this game :D


Really nice game! Amazing graphics and amazing music, was really looking forward to see what you come up with when i saw the progress in Discord. Ended up hella nice!


Thank you! I'll put a message on discord too if the project evolves :D


This game is so good! A great musical atmosphere, a really cool and surprising pitch, and graphics that are just super impressive, especially for a 101h Game Jam! Bravo, I voted 5/5 on all points, I couldn't have given you less 馃槏


I hope you can continue it one day, but even so, it's a really cool concept.

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Thank you Wylarel! Glad to have the approval of the organizer :D.
It was a great game jam! Thanks for that too :)


Looks real fun, shame you didn't get to finish it.


Thank you! I'm gonna try to fix this :)