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wow, what a great game, good job :D

what a great game, shows the theme in the most creative of ways, and each level shows a new level of challenge. good job 

can u include a mac version, very appretiated ;) 

for some reason when the game opened only black screen appeared but the music played, i am using a mac.

when i opened it in mac it said "Nothing that can be launched was found.", but your logo is funny 

a pretty cool game, the music is amazing the idea remind of an old game, but did we have to go back up to the store to buy? overall, great job.

intresting idea, awesome movment but i didnt c the connection  to the theme, and was their a goal "other than not get killed" :p 

hey, can anyone who is capable to add a mac version, add it. thx alot

hey, i am using a mac and for some reason when i opend it my unarchiver wasnt able to extarct it., but the video really looks cool. good job ;) 

a great game, pretty hard. and an intresting ideas, but can u decrease the ring volume, i am wering headphones and it blasted my ears,good job. 

he made this in a weekend, cool !! :O 

does it run for mac?

a nice a game great graphics and music, adding a few enemies would be great.

can you add a Mac version 

thx alot

weird in a special way, nice ;) 

a great game, weird shadow and really hard ;) 

can you add a Mac versions 

is there a Mac version ?

Quarantine Jam community · Created a new topic Mac support

hay, can u please add mac support to your games, thx alot 

a great game 

and a nice opening 

it looks great 

but can you add a Mac version thx


Sandbox community · Created a new topic nice game

its a nice sandbox game but adding a tutorial and some goals would really help, good job ;) 

that was fast

it was a great game, and with the idea that there may have been other peace of the puzzle that you havn't found :) nice game!