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Awesome submission. Who would've thought crawling over everyday objects would be this fun? :p

It was cool to see this prototype come together. It'd be fun to see how far you could take this.

Lovely little game!

The difficulty ramps up quite quickly. I managed to score 50 points!

If you do decide to take this any further, it may be cool to map the flags to the number row on the keyboard? Just imagine how much faster you could be if you wouldn't have to move the mouse around? :p

Great stuff.

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Love this game! Definitely one of my favorites. I spent way too much time playing this...

The (lack of a) tutorial is great. It took me a few minutes to figure out what I was supposed to do, but that really works well with the story. A tutorial would've probably ruined it.

The art is cute. Love the minimalist / retro look. Everything fits together really well. All in all a really solid submission. :D

Great work!

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Hiya, congrats on finishing a gamejam! This is an impressive game, given that you've only had 72hrs to build it!

Aside from a few minor issues, I was able to complete the game! Love it.

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Hey, Tito76, thanks for pointing this out!

I completely forgot to support Windows XP. This game will be updated some time this week, and I will try to add support for Windows XP back in.

Once the new build is live, I will let you know.

Thanks for your patience!

I managed to submit this game right before the deadline. It has no Windows XP support. If there is significant demand for such a version, I will make one later. This project really needed to be submitted before the deadline, hence I did not experiment with Windows XP.

Haha yeah, should have explained the controls a bit better... That's something I noticed as well.

Thanks a bunch for playing!