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The concept is quite nice and the interactions that are there feel good, but the implementation is very simple with no real gameplay as I could tell. There is a solid framework to expand on and the assets are well suited, but as it currently is, you turn on the machine and push in any random number. I would love to see this game continued.

Fast paced gameplay and a simple loop but quite fun in practice, I would really like to see this game with some more enemy and projectile types. The art style is simplistic but serves it purpose well.

The game appeared to be lacking many features and would slow down if the coins were not collected every minute. That aside the creature was quite cute and the inclusion of a end state was appreciated.

This game has a great aesthetics and challenging gameplay.
The track is fun though lacking a mini map which can make preparing for oncoming corners a chore if not impossible. The menu is well polished and easy to understand.

It would be nice to see more tracks and AI improvements in the future.

The art is adorably creepy and the core game is quite fun with the AI seemingly making multiple choices.

While most the menu was wonderful, the tutorial screen is a lot to digest in its current form, having it made me return to the menu to check the rules of the game not quite fully grasping it the first time.

Well it's all in the name really isn't it?

This game is brutal but in the best of ways. The combat was engaging and required thought, I would have liked to have heard some audio effects but besides that this is a great game jam game and I hope it will be continue to be developed in the future.

I really liked the concept of this game along with the merging of gameplay styles, the game does an excellent job of setting up the scenario without one line of text or meaningful dialog.

It takes good advantage of randomization to make each play feel a little different, although I can't help but feel these effects could have been better spent of expanding the gameplay after landing on each planet.

I liked the character art and pure responsiveness of the controls. The game is a solid base for a twin stick shooter, the abilities can seem a little underpowered and or pointless, this could just be due to lack of visual feedback or to do with the simple pathing of the AI.
I would really like to see this game after some additional development.

The game was a little hard to understand, I think this was mainly due to the tutorial part of the game focusing on the base movement instead of the unique mechanics offered by the game.

I quite enjoyed the visual style, reminding me in parts of futurama.
Overall it's an interesting concept.

An interesting concept with a lot of immersive elements, the game does an excellent job of truly making the player feel as if they were struggling to stay awake while driving down a long dark road.

I wish the game was a little longer and that the ending had a little bit more of an impact but with that said, I loved the visual and audio style and quite enjoyed reading the internal ramblings of the player character.

This has now been fixed, along with many other things!

Haha cool cool, downloading a copy now :), will edit this message with my thoughts

Thanks Altru!

Haha yeah that's one of the known issues, I didn't get time to add a max cap to the flower count on screen. That will be fixed in the next update along with some other improvements and added mechanics :) 

Thank you for playing! We loved your video, it was really nice seeing someone play the game so soon after the alpha release, your comments were lovely.

One part I think you were having an issue with was the nectar management, the more you move around the bees the less nectar they can collect, they need to be connected to a flower to be collecting nectar, if you fall into negative nectar levels your bees will start leaving your hive. Its not mentioned in the temporary tutorial screen and really should bee :P 

We will be continuing to improve and add to the game! Would love to hear your thoughts on a future build.

Thanks again, 


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Hive and Honey has the player control a hive of bees, growing and caring for the surrounding garden. Pollinate plants to create more while managing your hive and resources.

In-development: Regular updates to come.

A game made for the Jamingtons 72 hour game jam.

Made by Naomi Holt & Dylan Walker.


We would love to hear your thoughts on the game and any ideas you might have.

Thanks for reading.

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Experimental  M.C. Escher inspired 3D platformer with a simple solid color art style rendered in pixel art.


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Thanks for playing! As far as the depth, you can left click to fire red beams from your eyes that will make a sound when hitting a wall, you can use these to work out confusing geometry. There is a way back from all of the Shards besides one.
"R" will move the player back to the last checkpoint, "G" with make the  player dance.
The area you thought you fell through the world, there was a gap in the platform there :P you needed to jump.
As you mentioned it is just a prototype and was made by one person in 72 hours, hope you have a play again in the future when the project is more fleshed out!
Oh did you talk to any of the NPCs?

Two hours till Jamingtons 5 starts, remember to use the #jamingtons hashtag on twitter for @OneratGames, @OneratDylan and @Indie_Machine

Theme to be announced 30 mins before jam start time!
If you not already in the Discord server you can join here:

Happy Jamming!

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you need to kill the ones with auras, collect 4 and it will open ;)

Hi, The theme will be announced just before the start of the jam.

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:D yeah i need to redo the button bindings, they are pretty annoying atm. Plays better on controller.

Thanks for playing!!

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Thank you for playing ♥ Let me know what you think! 

Cheers! im going to add a heap more level and objects :)
and yeah the "music" was ment to make the player feel that way, i was going for ominous mechanical space

Hey there! congrats on getting 3rd place! can i get a square gif of the game thats under 2mb for our site

Jamingtons community · Created a new topic RESULTS
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so here they are!

1st - Space Junk Miner

2nd - The The Walk of Life

3rd - Thousand-Push Plummet

Congrats! And thank you to everyone one for taking place all your game were too good! you made the judging hard.

I hope we will have you all next Jamingtons! sometime in July.

i see no issue with plug ins being uses as long as they are listed with the submission

yes :)

these are answered on the page, but

All assets need to be created in jam hours.
Yes you can use a engine/runtime.
most code should be completed in the jam.
the theme is coming soon.

I hope that helps you!