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you need to kill the ones with auras, collect 4 and it will open ;)

Hi, The theme will be announced just before the start of the jam.

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:D yeah i need to redo the button bindings, they are pretty annoying atm. Plays better on controller.

Thanks for playing!!

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Thank you for playing ♥ Let me know what you think! 

Cheers! im going to add a heap more level and objects :)
and yeah the "music" was ment to make the player feel that way, i was going for ominous mechanical space

Hey there! congrats on getting 3rd place! can i get a square gif of the game thats under 2mb for our site

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so here they are!

1st - Space Junk Miner

2nd - The The Walk of Life

3rd - Thousand-Push Plummet

Congrats! And thank you to everyone one for taking place all your game were too good! you made the judging hard.

I hope we will have you all next Jamingtons! sometime in July.

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i see no issue with plug ins being uses as long as they are listed with the submission

yes :)

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these are answered on the page, but

All assets need to be created in jam hours.
Yes you can use a engine/runtime.
most code should be completed in the jam.
the theme is coming soon.

I hope that helps you!