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More Rules Pls

A topic by kyperbelt created Mar 20, 2017 Views: 225 Replies: 5
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Can you explain the rules a bit more. I know all games must be completed within the jam hours but here are my questions.

Are we allowed to use assets that were created before?

Can we use an existing engine or codebase?

Is there a theme we must follow?

Thank you in advance.


these are answered on the page, but

All assets need to be created in jam hours.
Yes you can use a engine/runtime.
most code should be completed in the jam.
the theme is coming soon.

I hope that helps you!

Thanks man :) was just making sure.


I need clarification:

  1. I've made a plugin for the game engine I want to use (Duality). This plugin would be used to create the scenario. The plugin is published. Can I use it?
  2. I've made a lot of music. Some tracks are published under CC license. Can I use these tracks?

I'm sorry if I'm asking something obvious.



i see no issue with plug ins being uses as long as they are listed with the submission

Submitted (1 edit)

Ok, then I'll use the plugin but not the music.


Edit: Well, I think I will not use the plugin. Just had an idea that won't need it. Thanks anyway for the info.