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The TreesView game page

You are the sun. You are the wind. You are the rain. Make the most beautiful trees in the world!
Submitted by YMR — 5 hours, 30 minutes before the deadline
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Thanks for the comment Jupiter, although... in the video you say there was no theme, but the theme was "growth".

You can use the mouse wheel to see the clouds ;) I forgot to add that to the help screen.

Very relaxing game - I really like the graphics. I included it in my compilation video of all of the Jamington games, if you’d like to take a look :)


Thanks for the feedback!
I really like knowing the good and the bad to improve next time.

Just to clarify, I made everything in the space of the jam, music, sound fx, graphics and programming.
The music is really very simple: just a few notes looped 4 times and changing instruments volume. I think it sounds nice, but it is a very simple composition. If you want I can send you the Cubase project ^^

Good points:
  • Nice original concept, ties into Growth quite well
  • Cool that you're using an unusual framework
  • Meditative gameplay
Bad points:
  • I'm assuming you didn't make the music in the space of the jam (will have to consult with Dylan as to whether that's allowed)
  • Animation isn't as smooth as you'd hope given the geometric simplicity
  • Game didn't capture the mouse despite using mouse control
Intriguing concept and I'm really interested to see where you could take it next. :D

Hmm, weird, this game doesn't really push the gfx card. Maybe there is some conflict with the sound OpenAL drivers or the OpenGL version?


For some reason it was running at low FPS... (I have a gtx 1080 so it wasn't me)