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We can't change anything until the voting phase is over. 

I'm getting a 4040 error not found from that link?

If you didn't finish your game in time to submit it to the jam... you can still link it in here!

If you're streaming... you can link it in this thread!

Sorry if this was unclear, but only standalone games.

The theme will be posted closer to the jam via the jam page. It'll probably be shown at the top of the page.

Post in here if you're looking for a team.

Yeah a platform where the feet are would be nice. I'm a little bit scared of heights so lol.


It was a very basic mixing game.


It would be interesting to add more content -- there wasn't enough varying content to play this game for a long period of time.


The models in this game were great. The entire premise of this game was reminded me kinda of plague inc.  I like the mixing of the bottles / the hints on the board. It was very interesting how you had random physics formulas lol!


It would be nice for more audio responses -- for example, when one thing is poured into another to have some sort of visual / auditory queue. I was kinda confused about how to test for the cure / more visual queues would be nice.

I couldn't get this entry to start out of the start screen -- I tried clicking a and x and it didn't start the game?


I like the graphics and how they are consistent throughout the entire entry. The entire area seems to use the same types of models which is good.


I don't like that song. Add a way to mute the music. The gameplay is pretty basic -- you only had a week I understand. It would be interesting to try and add more depth.

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I liked how there was a definite goal. The highlight of this game was the level design. Each area had a definite feel with cool different models.


It lacked gameplay -- finding and putting something in a pouch needs more content to mix it up. It would be better if we would have to sneak around guards / some sort of course. The teleportation movement removed any chance to have this type of content. I also had fps problems which made it harder.


I like the color scheme and how everything is based around the few colors. I like how it maintains a very basic ascetic that is consistent throughout the entire game. The theme was taken very literally here which I enjoyed.


This game is very basic -- as you probably understand. It would be interesting to add some sort of diversity to the gameplay. Additionally, a main menu would be great because the game automatically started for me.


This game really took the theme literally! I really liked the graphics, particularly in the starting lobby area. This is the first game I've ever played that used the Godot engine. It looks like a good engine for future use.


It would be cool to have some sort of animation / reaction to show when looking into the microscope. I was a little bit confused about the gameplay in this game -- what exactly was I supposed to be doing? It was a cool visual experience. It would be cool to have some sort of platform for the player to stand on so it doesn't just seem like they are standing over the abyss. 

In the gamejam of build of this game, the movement does not work. From the video you sent in the discord it seemed like a cool game. 


I love the graphics. This may have the best graphics out of the entire competition. Every model seemed so purposeful. The map was just beautiful and I could tell a lot of detail went into designing each room.


The climbing did not work well -- compared to everything else, this kinda disappointed me. Everything else was amazing -- the combat, the models, etc -- but the climbing parkour doesn't transition well in this regard. I'd suggest trying to simulate a movement style similar to Climbey more if you really want to do some sort of parkour.

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- The general game play is very interesting... I could see this becoming some sort of Beatsaber type game. I like the physics behind the batterang and could totally see this evolving into something very cool.


- It really needs more models to make the surroundings more interesting, just having some basic objects won't keep the player enthralled for a long period of time. Like the first positive content, I could see this evolve into some sort of Beatsaber type game with music / low poly graphics that all mesh together cleanly.

Here is a link to google form where you can input theme ideas:

Looking for a team? Post in this chat! List your skills -- whether it be art, game design, programming, or music! 


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Try jumping and then using your switch ability for a second time while running straight forward.  If you want to know where the second platform is, you can jump in the air then quickly use your switch ability.  :D. Thanks for trying my game!

@wolfmother I made the poacher in a program called scultpis. I made it during the jam period. I have no idea what a trimesh is xD. The reason why you couldnt transform was probably because the cooldown period wasnt over "If the circle is green in the corner, then you can switch animals. When red, you cannot."

You are an animal that has gained the power to grow into different animals with different abilities.


W/A/S/D - Movement

Space - Jump

1/2/3 - Change animals

If the circle is green in the corner, then you can switch animals. When red, you cannot.

For some reason it was running at low FPS... (I have a gtx 1080 so it wasn't me)

How do you defeat classmates?

Figured it out.. had to attach lasers, I wasn't sure what the lasers were

Space bar shooting wasn't working for me?