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Thanks for the comment Jupiter, although... in the video you say there was no theme, but the theme was "growth".

You can use the mouse wheel to see the clouds ;) I forgot to add that to the help screen.

Thanks for the feedback!
I really like knowing the good and the bad to improve next time.

Just to clarify, I made everything in the space of the jam, music, sound fx, graphics and programming.
The music is really very simple: just a few notes looped 4 times and changing instruments volume. I think it sounds nice, but it is a very simple composition. If you want I can send you the Cubase project ^^

Hmm, weird, this game doesn't really push the gfx card. Maybe there is some conflict with the sound OpenAL drivers or the OpenGL version?

Nice one. The controls feel a bit heavy to me (just the opposite to my entry I guess) but I like the concept, and it meets my favorite gaming rule: "easy to play, hard to master". For me the best part is when you have to "fly". That was a very nice surprise.

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Ok, then I'll use the plugin but not the music.


Edit: Well, I think I will not use the plugin. Just had an idea that won't need it. Thanks anyway for the info.

I need clarification:

  1. I've made a plugin for the game engine I want to use (Duality). This plugin would be used to create the scenario. The plugin is published. Can I use it?
  2. I've made a lot of music. Some tracks are published under CC license. Can I use these tracks?

I'm sorry if I'm asking something obvious.


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As a basic thumb rule a good approach is to add a border to all shapes and play with contrast, so everyone can enjoy the graphics.
But I'm curious: Do you find awful to look at red-green combinations or does that make it hard to look at the screen? (besides not seeing the difference between the two). I think that's a good thing to know when making graphics, because you never know who is going to watch your creations, so I'd like to know if there's something beyond the basic color blind concept.

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You are a superhero. Fly chasing supervillains!

Get it here:

Minigame made for the GDL March Madness Jam.
I made this game to test an idea about easily controlling your character (just mouse movement, no buttons) while keeping the gameplay fun/interesting.


PS: Feedback is welcome ;)

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Insomiac is a 2D platformer about dreams and nightmares, made for the 2D platformer game jam and powered by the amazing 2D game engine Duality.

This first version of Insomiac includes 2 levels and the Duality editor, so you can add new levels with the same tools I used.

Insomiac is free (pay what you want) and available for Windows.

Hope you enjoy it.