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Super Meat Boy meets bullet hell. Heh.

Good design.

Super challenging.

Art is pretty good.

I legitimately spent a while trying to get past the swirling spiral thing. Can't do it! D:

Heh. Love the slightly twisted Tim Burton vibe.

Mechanics are simple but pretty solid.

Nice art.

Good stuff.

Not sure how that ties into "decay".

Animations are really sweet.

Mechanics are incomplete. The outcome seems to be the same no matter what you do, and sometimes it's impossible for you to get anywhere near the ball.

Heh! Ethical choices in a jam game! Awesome.

Do I save the thirsty dying man or do I save the village?

If I choose the former, do I then steal water from other villages?

That's clever and subtle. The presentation and mechanics are pretty basic but it's a great idea.

Performance and launching was fine for me.

Skybox is pretty and the rocket launch screen shake was good.

There isn't much gameplay here besides working out what you're supposed to do (something very simple) very quickly. Not great design: punishing the player for being confused when dropped into a new environment won't go down well.

BUT. With a bit more prompting you could develop this into something more substantial. Having the current level as an introduction to a series of progressively more challenging puzzles could work very well. Just need to take the pressure off when the player's first learning how the game works.

Love the presentation.

Combat is pretty basic but it works.

Uuuurgh random encounters every 10 steps. I know this is normal for the genre but it's a personal pet hate of mine.

Very cool presentation. Really like the level of detail and interaction with the environment.

The physics felt a bit weird on account of the player only being able to move orthogonally... but if the player is a cleaning robot that ties into the story well.

Love the Moonbase Alpha reference. aieou. aieou.

Nice 3D environment and music.

Got a dollar from the couch. I feel like I should be able to put the dollar in the vending machine, get a coke, put the coke in the microwave, get metal parts from the exploded microwave and use them to unlock the door somehow.
That would be cool.

Anyway good work :)

Zombie survival horror is pretty well established but it was ambitious to build one for a jam.

Controls made no sense on a QWERTY keyboard. Was this programmed on an AZERTY?

Graphics and sound are very good.

Combat is unpolished but workable.

Pretty cool.

Zombie animations are cool!

Is that your voice making the zombie sounds? :D

Gameplay is surprisingly challenging.

Good work :D

I wasn't involved with this one so I can comment...

Animation and presentation was super neat.

Lack of regenerating health blobs makes it difficult to strategize.

Not being able to move in one direction and shoot in another is incredibly frustrating.

Still, pretty cool :D

Hehe cute. Like the presentation.

Controls weren't immediately obvious.

Mechanics are pretty basic but the concept is twee enough to garner some interest.

Good work :D

Simple but solid shooter. Like the graphics and controls. Thoroughly playable. Good work!

Nice fun maze challenge. Black and white graphics are surprisingly crisp. I actually like it better without enemies -- makes it more kind of meditative. Maybe with some backing music you could enhance that angle. Good work!

Neato. Love the grey lead menu. Low tech but different.

You have nothing to apologise for -- you've created a game that meets all the criteria needed to be playable. You're off to a great start with Unity and I'm really interested to know where you go with it :D

Clever design. Love the crop circle theme and level, very creative.

Combat is pretty basic but it does the job and the amount of polish on it overall is excellent.

Pretty cool!

Nice graphics, particularly like the use of motion blur.

The gameplay is challenging and addictive. I really like this.

Not sure what the significance of the various shapes/colors of enemies is -- does it change their behaviours/health?

Anyway. Surprisingly fun. :)

Wow, very cool! You even made an icon.

Making an FPS in 48 hours is a huge achievement and having actual combat is even more impressive.

The middle of the crosshair doesn't line up with where the shots go, they fire towards the upper corner of the sprite. That's fairly infuriating ;)

I'm not sure having a timer works for this style of game. 

Graphics are very good and the music is catchy in a repetitive way.

Good work!

Very high level of polish. Outstanding graphics and sound. Simple to play but difficult to master. Very good.

My only suggestion would be to reduce the possibility of a player being killed by a circle spawning on top of them -- it's very difficult to avoid being hit and is largely random.

But yeah, this is excellent.

Holy crap, 441mb! Unreal is heavy.

Couldn't get any control to happen on Level 1. But on Level 2 you could control it with mouse up/down. Is there something I'm missing?

Mouse up/down wasn't very sensitive and felt a bit flat/no momentum. Not entirely sure how it decides who wins if the ball leaves the map -- does the player always win if they can get it out?

Graphics are very good and sound does the job. I could see this turned into circular breakout very easily. Good stuff!

Extremely impressive and mouth watering art assets :) Physics are suitably frustrating. I do wish there was a way to pull the cherry back when it's near an edge.
But that's kind of part of the charm of a physics game like this.

Still in two minds about the choice of music. Seems a bit dark for the content. Which is a legitimate choice but I dunno. I'll have to keep thinking about that.

Very cool!

Nice graphics. Nice sound. Seconding the comment about the laser firing too slowly.  Love them particle effects!

Mechanics are simple but sound. Lots of potential for expansion -- you could have different weapons, powerups, defensive barriers, towers etc. 

Good work! :)

Excellent high concept! Didn't really translate into gameplay though.

Intro is cool. Nice that you got a fairly high level of completion art- and gameplay-wise!

Gameplay I didn't feel was all that compelling. Walk back and forth, shoot, repair. Not much to it. Obviously you don't have buckets of time here to make something advanced, but I'm not sure where you'd go next with it -- you could turn it into a kind of tower defence kind of thing, but it would take a pretty major overhaul to make it interesting.

Still, good work :)

Love the Hitchhiker's Guide vibe. Love the graphics. Love the music. Love the gameplay. Love the polish. Super, super impressive that you did this in 48 hours.

I think GameMaker gets a lot of crap from developers but this kind of project is proof in itself that it's an effective way to economize time and work. 

I literally do not have any criticisms to provide. Super super cool.

Fun game!
I like that it's full 3D.

From an art perspective it's nice that you build everything out of spheroids. That works on two levels -- fitting the theme and also economizing art work in a time-limited jam. Looks pretty too.

I found it a little frustrating to judge how big the player's bounding box would be. I think that might work a little better in a third person perspective.

Nice that you implemented sound even if in a basic form, that tends to get overlooked in short jams.

The swapping-colors mechanic is a little cliched these days. If you want to continue with this (and I think you should!) I would ask what else new you're bringing to the table.

Good stuff though!

Hope that helps.

Good points:

  • Nice use of polygon art
  • Interesting use of growing/shrinking mechanic - that usually pops up in amoeba action games, not so much third person shooters
Bad points:
  • All the stuff that wasn't finished -- collision detection, deaths etc
  • It's a little weird that the character fires in the direction they're moving, rather than the direction the player is aimed at
Is that music your original property?
Good stuff, definitely potential. :D

Good points:

  • Fantastic concept. It's like Papers Please but for a democracy. Genuinely laughed.
  • Nice use of sound. It always seems to get overlooked in jams.
  • Soul-crushingly boring which I suppose is the point.
  • Pretty damn polished.
Bad points:
  • Font size and color make it difficult to read
  • That's about it

Very cool! :P

Good points:

  • Bit of non-diagetic humor here, love the deliberately horrible menu graphics :P
Bad points:
  • Evidently not that complete -- wasn't able to transform into a faster animal and move between platforms
  • Did you make the poacher's trimeshes in the jam period?

Nice layout. Am I missing something? I couldn't get any interaction happening with either version of the game no matter what I did.

Good points:
  • Nice original concept, ties into Growth quite well
  • Cool that you're using an unusual framework
  • Meditative gameplay
Bad points:
  • I'm assuming you didn't make the music in the space of the jam (will have to consult with Dylan as to whether that's allowed)
  • Animation isn't as smooth as you'd hope given the geometric simplicity
  • Game didn't capture the mouse despite using mouse control
Intriguing concept and I'm really interested to see where you could take it next. :D

Good points:

  • Excellent concept
  • Really fun execution
  • Good use of physics

Bad points:

  • Placeholder graphics and no sounds

This is one of the most legitimately fun games I've played on here! Good work. :D

Good points:

  • Love the humorous art and quirky concept
  • You've got the actual combat down pat, which is the hardest bit.
Bad points:
  • Controls don't make a whole lot of sense to me, and not having keyboard support for P2 is a big minus
  • Having a visual indication of attack cooldown would be nice
  • Different arms mostly do basically the same thing

Ambitious! A SimCity tribute in 24 hours. Very cool.

Good points:

  • Isometric graphics are clean and crisp
  • Interface is reasonably intuitive and makes sense
  • More complete than I would have expected based on the timeframe
Bad points:
  • As mentioned by others, layering issues with isometrics
  • I would question exactly where you're going with the mechanics -- pretty much the only option you have is incrementally building more and more structures. SimCity works because you have to weigh up your options and balance different needs (transport, power, water etc). Is that where you are going?
  • What's the twist going to be? Is it going to be a straight city-building simulator or are you going to subvert the genre somehow?
This is very cool and I would love to see you keep working on this in future. :D


  • Good choice of font
  • Female Reaper is a nice twist. Only other example of that I can think of is Susan Sto Helit from Pratchett's Discworld series.
  • Writing is descriptive and nuanced
  • Final "sting" is weak as you've already made the big reveal in the game description
  • Entirely linear and non-interactive. This isn't necessarily a fault but in this case I think it weakens the entry a bit.
Good work.
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What what?

I'm keen to jam! :D

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