This jam is now over. It ran from 2017-04-08 02:00:00 to 2017-04-09 02:00:00. View results

Jamingtons is a public game jam, open to all ages and engines.

Need help finding a team? or just have questions visit:


      • The top 3 submission will get a place on our website
      • Along with 1st place reciving a $50 (USD) itch, steam or paypal credit.


      • Please NO nsfw games, any submitted will not be able to be featured on the website.
      • All work submitted must be completed with in jam hours.
      • You can take place no matter where you live.
      • Teams between 1-5 members max.


      • All submitted works are fully owned by their creators.
      • The theme does NOT need to be followed but doing so will result in extra points.
      • Online or in person.
      • Individuals can just join on this page but teams should have each member join on this page, along with one member filling in this form

To have input on the jam or have any questions visit:

More details and theme coming soon.

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Complete administrative tasks until you die.
Role Playing
You are the sun. You are the wind. You are the rain. Make the most beautiful trees in the world!
Manage a POWER PLANT by generate power for customers and earning money!
Death's daughter grows to fit her role.
Interactive Fiction
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Collect ship parts to grow your ship in size!
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The game we made in the Jamingtons Game Jam!
Fighting game meets tetris with limb growing mechanics. Play against another person in shared screen, or versus ai!
City Builder
A game about animals
School Survival is a short progressive adventure game with fighting!
Bullet hell in hell
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