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Welcome to Hell, Mei IchikawaView game page

jrpg fantasy game
Submitted by Isabella Ava (@SuccubellaGames) — 8 hours, 2 minutes before the deadline
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Isabella Ava


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Developer (3 edits)

Since  the best polished thing & costed most of time to be made in my game - the combo system of Characters - so far has no one succeeded in doing it, and it was my fault to not proper explain to player. Therefor, i will explain about it in detail here, so new players can do it easier.

For  an Actor to perform Combo, these condition must be met

1. Has enough of AP: while in Battle, at the mid left corner you will see a window say _ AP: 3 AP (Action Points) is required for Actors to take any action. Except of Ultimate Skills, another Attacks/Skills only cost 1 AP

2. the Weapon must have CP  (Combo Points):  CP is shown at the bottom line of item's description
- And you can find a quite strong weapon with 3CP for Mei at right most corner in the Dangerous Cliff's below map

Now, once you got the right weapon, simply perform attack . Once your attack has landed on enemy, a Pop window will show up to indicate that it's the time for you to input Combo (you will have like 1 second to press the keys).
Combo's Keys can be checked in Actor's Skill Menu

And since the game use AP (Action Point) mechanic. One actor can take as many action he want as long as the Party has sufficient AP.

* To switch between Actors in Battle, you can either press U/ O key

* To end turn and save AP for next turn, you can press X and choose > End

That's it. Hope you guy can  try out the Combo system now =D


Ah, it makes much more sense now. I can see why this system would take a long time, its really cool! Being able to swap characters without one of them dying first was also fun.

It was kinda hard, but I managed to do a combo with a normal attack and 2 skills.  I think if I wait until I see the bar, its already too late to press more than 3 keys, so it takes a bit of memorizing when the bar will pop up if you want to do the more advanced skills.


I am glad that you tried it Paul-sama. Yup, advanced skills such as Phoenix's Swing of Roxan require 6 keys (it's kinda hard) but it deal damage many times on an enemy,  you need  certain massing-button skill to input those much keys within 1s   (/^▽^)/


Wow those were some shockingly violent deaths. I did enjoy this dark adventure through hell. Though I had originally stopped when your character told me it was the end of the story, after reading the comments here I went back in and started exploring the other areas in hell.

The art and animations were cool, and just watching things happen in combat was fun because of that. It was also fun finding new party members like the perverted fairy. There were some good jokes in this game. 

Keep up the great work!


Thanh you very much, know that you enjoyed it is truly a great motivation for me ! (ノ^∇^)ノ゚
Thing get most of my effort was Actors' combo sytem - thing yet has no one able to do
(it was my fault to not explain it properly) and so i explain how to do it in detail
on the post above = ) you can test it if you like


The story gave me a Bleach Anime vibe. Especially, the giant chopping knife sword and the whole spirit thing. The grammar is understandable but needs some work. The art needs to be more consistent. There are pixelated ACE sprites sitting next to non-pixelated MV ones.

I personally hate quick-time combat, especially, in a game that uses a turn-based system. However, if need-be, I can usually plow my way through it. I made it to the crying lady and one-shot her with the special attack.

I can see that a lot of work had gone into Mei, herself. She has quite a few custom animation and face sets. I love that NPCs react to the spirit and throw funny comments.

A bit more polish and you might get yourself a game.


Thank you  very much Adventurer_inc ,
It's great to hear what you said, because i can see that you gave attention to even small details.
It's true that Mei actor was the best polished one, with unique spritesheet & faceset
With the right weapon, Mei's special attack can one shot most of the enemy.
The inbalance was due i didn't have enough of time to include different tier of enemies,
so i increased stats for some of them (like evilEye & mDrago) thus made somes are stronger
compare to anothers.

Truly appreciate your comment


Is this supposed to be a parody of something? The art styles have no thematic cohesion, the deaths are downright silly, the combat looks like a flash-imitation of south park. and the locations give no sense of what setting this is supposed to be. It wasn't funny so, I went up until the cliff scene and just lost interest.

The game opened initially in a window that stretch all the way across the screen but was only a quarter of the screen vertically, causing the game itself to be too small to see. I was able to maximize the window to fix it, but that's a really bizarre behavior for any game. Also, the dial for the ox-head's attack gave the same type of response whether it ended in the yellow or in the black. It was also hard to tell how to leave town to get to the forest, since it wasn't marked despite the cemetery being marked.


At first it was true that i tried to pull out a parody game, but then development went great so
i tried to drive the story go into another way.    It's great to hear some complaints,
because i can avoid making same mistakes next time. Thank you


Battles seem enjoyable and good art, but not balanced and with no save point other than the one next to portal and no escape, it feels harder. It also crashed some times entering and in the middle of battles. In the hell it's difficult to find the way, I couldn't reach its end. also it seems by entering each time it'd choose between some random maps. When I enter Mei's home in day it becomes night some kind of bug, also her bed and light switch disappear. I liked the idea and having two side of world. My game is also about dead character in hell and heavens, but in different way.


Hi Xenoneo, yes i noticed about your game before and had thought that  it might got similar idea  to my game,
because of the name.  Thank you for playing my game.

I had noticed about all the bug you mentioned, the game will crash if you enter Party Menu while in Battle Scene, however 
it shouldn't crash by entering the battle.

Oh and you noticed it very well, yes the map will  picked randomly each time you enter the Hell.

Thank you again for playing.  I am curious about your game & will see it soon



I found out why it was crashing in battles, I had just 4gb free on c drive.

Ant two other thing I forgot to say, first quest window is a little big and I couldn't click mouse to move charachter right up corner. secondly a trail of smoke appeared after Mei, I think it was after meet with Roxane, this only happened once.


Oh,  i will definitely  turn the quest window into  some kind of icons to save the space.
Trail of smoke is a very heavy particle system that i included just for... fun, it will be active if you equip
"Isabella's book" item.

A good new is that after IGMC time, i had improvement the battle system a lots, fixed Party Menu bug,
now enemies will try to parry your attacks as well, and defense system had been modified so that instead of timing press,
now you can interact in real time with Actors to make them step back/ford/sit down or jump.

It's just i don't know if it will ever be published soon      (ノ・ω・)ノ゙


did an episode of Welcome to Hell. Will do more when I get round to it. :) The game needs alot more polish, the grammar and spelling needs working, Not sure how to revive characters yet. you will need to resize the default cars as they look like toys. Battles are not well balanced. When I play more I let you know what else I will find.


Thank you  rooodworks. I will take your advices and improve it next time ❤⃛ヾ(๑❛ ▿ ◠๑ )


Awesome, glad I could help :)


Did the
Did the last part. Game told me there was no more story so i stopped after I died.

Thank you chibievil. I enjoyed watching you play again.
Watched you played give me an idea of how should
i balance stuffs, it was just too hard really =)
one mistake and you die. Btw i noticed that you
submitted a game as well, i will take a look at it soon =)


thanks yeah, I also suck at the combo but it shouldn't really do that much damage if u screw up haha. Glad to help you. Yeah I did haha.


Hi LockeCole88, thank you very much for your feedback. It's a great motivation for me to  hear that you liked it. I will try to look into the problem, i did notice that Party Menu cause some problem for characters' sprite  so this will get fixed soon. :) have a good day


I like the unique graphic assets/animations and the combo system! I also liked how all the plugin creators were tombstones, nice touch :). Not a fan of the loading times before battle, and navigating hell can be confusing at times (it is hell after all though, so understandable). An interesting premise/story, I'd like to see where this goes.
I did discover one bug too: in battle, if you go to the party menu, when you try to leave the party menu you get a "Cannot read property 'addChild' of undefined" error that crashes the game.
Overall very well done!