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Hi Nerd! I rather have you play my next game :D This game is so old now

Set 'wait for loading data' plugin parameter to a higher number (10 for ex) will solve this. For anyone who may encounter this issue.

Sure thing. Please contact me on

You mean to count number of the words within a message box without special codes?

Hi yes. You can still open another menu with script call


Hi, on a quick test. It seems to work with MZ as well.
Sorry, It's been awhile since I developed this :)

Hi, it's just a symbolic image.

Hi JPlaysan. Seeing you like this feature so much, I've implemented it in the latest version. It's in the plugin parameters as well help section.

Hi, sorry for late reply. It could be a compatible issue with another plugin. Can you show me a screenshot of the error?

Thank you!
I just realized that you're the dev of the game Kindred Novel.
I saw it one day by chance, such memorable game (´∇ノ`*)ノ

I'm moving it on to Steam soon :)

Wow, awesome! I'm so excited! Thanks d7!

Hi Jplaysan. I have updated the plugin to include an global offset option :) Hope it help!

hi JensCb!
Can you take a screenshot of when encounter the error?
It will be very helpful for me to fix the issue.

Hi, sorry, there isn't any currently.

Hey, thanks for the detail explanation! (⌒▽⌒)☆

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Sorry, I feel a bit confused about the applicability of this Clipboard Helper. Why should I use it instead of directly edit the object within default Editor?

Hi, can we have option to convert .json file too?

Hi, I've uploaded a new version. Can you try it?

Did you mean Olivia_VictorySequenceUI? I ran a test with both plugins ON and couldn't replicate the said issue.
You can try to move my comeBack plugin below the Olivia's plugin.

If the issue still happen, it must be something else. I can help you to troubleshot the issue for your project, if the issue really came from my plugin then it will be a free-of-charge service

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Yes, that's a good point. You can still allow player to access 'Save menu' via an item.

Thanks! It's for both.

I have uploaded the new file just now. Now you can do that checking current language thing. Currently I am  busy  so I can't update the plugin usage instruction. If you don't want to wait, you can try the plugin right now. It's already worked.

I am updating the plugin and will release that feature along with the next updated version. Perhaps in a day or two :)

That's totally possible. It will likely to happen if you tell me more about the idea :)

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Hi, it's currently  unavailable. I will try to add that feature when I have time  :)

You've done a great job!

That's awesome. I'm looking forward to see it

"hile anything is pathfinding, including the player, it will ignore collisions with other events if they're in the way"
Can this feature be refined a bit? I don't want it to ignore all other events but only few of them, for example, ones that in a list like this [1,3,4,6]

It's possible. It's just take time to implement. Currently I don't have a specified plan for updating this plugin. If you really want said feature, maybe you should send me an email so we can discuss about the work.

Sorry but I don't really understand your question. Are you suggesting me to add a switch so that  you can choose whether to  merge duplicated actors together or to keep them?

Oh my, watching the trailer video made me miss  MegamanX5 so much.  How nostalgic !

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I like the concept! Good work!