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Hi, it's currently  unavailable. I will try to add that feature when I have time  :)

You've done a great job!

That's awesome. I'm looking forward to see it

"hile anything is pathfinding, including the player, it will ignore collisions with other events if they're in the way"
Can this feature be refined a bit? I don't want it to ignore all other events but only few of them, for example, ones that in a list like this [1,3,4,6]

It's possible. It's just take time to implement. Currently I don't have a specified plan for updating this plugin. If you really want said feature, maybe you should send me an email so we can discuss about the work.

Sorry but I don't really understand your question. Are you suggesting me to add a switch so that  you can choose whether to  merge duplicated actors together or to keep them?

Cannot start the game:


JSON.parse: unexpected end of data at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data

Oh my, watching the trailer video made me miss  MegamanX5 so much.  How nostalgic !

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I like the concept! Good work!

Hi RouRou.
Originally, this plugin require Yep_BattleEngineCore as mentioned in the plugin's Help section.
However I reworked on it, now it's a standalone plugin. Please download the new plugin and give it a try.

Hi, yes. I do take commission. You can send me the detail via
or Discord: master2015hp#2600

Yes, that's alright. Thank you :)

Hi, this plugin should be used in conjunction with a plugin that support text wrap so that overlong text won't get cut off. For example Yep Message Core:

This could be awesome if this can work as standalone software and if it can export those backgrounds as looping GIF or PNG sequence

Hi, how can i change an event z by script? I changed its _mv3d_z to a higher number but it had kept jumping back to  origin value

That's totally possible. I may add those features soon

Thank for your suggestions.
To do what you  suggested will require another type of approach, but i surely will consider about it

Yes, it can be. I will  add those features someday, soon. Thank for your suggestions :)

Great work!

Known bugs:
- Please, do not enter Abandoned Tower :)

Hi Therrao, it's fixed, please try again

Oh my, i am glad that you found the solution. I have just checked through the plugin just now and couldn't think of anything why it was like that :D

Hi, i upload another version of the plugin (master2015hp_OliviaVictoryAddon.js)

In this new version, there is a plugin parameter "Instant Load". If you set it to true, i think it might fix the problem


Thank you, I have an Facebook ad campaign created, but it  isn't published yet. Do i have to published it first, before i can get the conversion code? Sorry but if possible, can you navigate me where on Facebook can i copy that code, like a screenshot will really help?

Oh my god, this is such a delightful surprise. Thank you, Chris  ♡♡+.゚(→ε←*)゚+.゚
(This will be a great bed time video for watching tonight)

Hi, i am struggling since yesterday trying to get  to Facebook pixel conversion code, so i can fill it into Third-party analytics setting.
My problem is i don't know how can i get this code from Facebook? I am a completely amateur to this, can somebody tell me how you get the conversion code from Facebook, more detail is appreciated, thank you very much.

Hi happypoppy, thank you for purchasing the plugin. Have you found a way to solve the issue? 

Oh that's true, sorry, i  fixed that, please try again

The update is available now, please re-download the file and do a fresh install for the plugin o(≧∇≦o)

Hi there, thank you for purchasing the plugin.  I will upgrade it so that you can customize the info that shows. The weaknesses were element rates of the enemy which has the rate > 100% , while strong, were rates that < 100%

Are you checking the newest demo? I remember that i fixed that problem in the newest version

Hi, i remember it's not possible currently, but you can check out the demo  for confirmatioin