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Yes, of course. By purchasing it, you gain the rigth to use it for commercial purpose

Thank you (*’∀’人)♥



Yes, as many as you want

Hi, emo spritesheet can be downloaded for free, but you've  to purchase it to download the plugin file ❤⃛ヾ(๑❛ ▿ ◠๑ )

Hi, i am not on my computer now so i cant access to my Discord. If you tell me what do you need help with i will try to answer it here

Of course (ノ*゜▽゜*) & thanks for supporting me!

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You must have forgotten to refresh the plugin after replaced it. Remember to refresh the plugin, or it may cause error.

I copied this from the plugin's help section:

 *   now you can checked unlock percent of any map using this Plugin Command
 *   mapUnlockedPercent mapId
 *   - mapId = 0 => current map
 *   - mapId = any numbers > 0 => that map
 *   Note: you must set plugin's param save_minimap to TRUE for this to work

One more note that is, a map only get saved when player leave the scene map (open menu/ transfer to other maps)

Hi Dungeonmind  (゜▼゜*)
I've updated the plugin, i think the problem should be solved now

Hi BearNovels, sorry for the late reply, i was very busy  so couldn't answer you until now.

The bugs has been fixed, and the feature you asked has been added (minimap won't be hidden was a bug)


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I will add that, i went for a simple looking minimap so i didn't think about that. But i can see many people will love that feature :D thank you, Hawk

Hi, you haven't sent me a copy of your plugins yet

Can you send me a copy of your plugins? I will try to look into it

Hi BearNovels, i've updated the plugin just now, now you can use image to draw map. Please download v1.1 and replace the old .js file with it (remember to refresh the plugin inside Plugin Manager editor for new setting to take effect)

Are you using any spawn events/ copy events plugin?  It could be a compatibility problem, for example, Orange_CopyEvent may cause this

Hi BearNovels, i am glad that you like them and thank you for supporting my works, that's very meaning ful to me ʚ♡⃛ɞ(ू•ᴗ•ू❁) . You can credit me as master2015hp. Yes, I will add the feature you asked soon.

Wow, dude, this is crazy that you made game like this with PGMV? How long did it take you to develop this game? PGMV doesn't have any detail manual for learning, where did you learn to use the software to this extent?

Hi PK1955, the new patch has been released :D 

Hi PK1955, i am really glad to hear that you enjoyed the game. It's a known problem   with the Champion fight, a patch to fix that is coming within this week, sorry for the inconvenient (´,,•ω•,,)♡

ପ(๑•̀ᴗ-♡ॢ)fෆr yෆu*೨⋆*✩

Strip Card Duel community · Created a new topic Bug Report

Please report here if you  encountered any bugs .

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Please follow this link to join Succubella Games' discord server to discuss and share your experience with the game:

Well done Frederick, your mini game are very fun (*’∀’人)♥

i love the fox girl, in my opinion  you should have used MV for this game, it would give you more tools to play it. But overall, i like the game & your art  (⌒▽⌒)☆

Great job! Congratulation on released your game!

Nice game, your artworks look great ❣⃛(❛ั◡˜๑)

Hi DM0X, the plugin has been updated and the function that you asked is now available ❤⃛ヾ(๑❛ ▿ ◠๑ )

Hi Angel Star Studio, i want to let you know that the plugin has been updated to a newer version which include the feature you asked before =)

Nice game =)

❤⃛ヾ(๑❛ ▿ ◠๑ )

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Currently all characters have this ability, but  i can add  an option so only character(s) who 'd learned skill X can perform it =D that's a nice suggestion, thank you

Thank you for the answer =D

I wonder why one game of mine isn't appeared in Search Result? 
I have 2 games, both are NSFW games, yet the first game "Mel's Saga" will appear in the search list if i searched for keywords Mel's Saga or master2015hp (my name). While the 2nd game that i had uploaded recently (like 1 month ago), it isn't appeared either if i searched for its name "Strip Card Duel" or "master2015hp". Why is that?

The only different thing i can think of is that the first game have a file attached to it, while the 2nd one hasn't got any file attached so far.
Does that mean until i have uploaded a file(s) to the game page, it won't be displayed in search result?

I looked for the answer of this problem, some people claimed it was because antivirus blocking the software, some said it was  because another softwares. It's hard to tell exactly which the problem was unless i can directly examine your PC  :(
Sorry for the inconvenient, i am really glad that you interested in Mel's Saga though, so thank you :D

Mana Raiders community · Created a new topic Well done!

I liked this game :) have my eyes on it for awhile back since i was still on rpgmaker forum. Great work!

I am glad it could help you :) enjoy developing

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Hi everyone, i wonder if it's okay in case like this to  consider my game's PAGE (not my game) is SFW:

In the SFW version of my 18+ game, there aren't any nudity or sexual contents/pics/texts, however i want to post some screenshot on the game page that suppose to be nudity but i censored all sensitive parts on the girls' body with white rec. So, is my game page considered as SFW?

Looking forward to the demo σ(≧ε≦o)

hi E_bagel, may be it was because your antivirus prevent the game to start? You can rest asure about the game's cleanliness, i used a 3rd party software to protect the game's assets, if you're still worried about virus, you can use to test the file for virus (Free, the file is going to be tested by 64 different antivirus softwares) Or you can send the file to AvastLab for testing they're a famous atv company but it may take awhile for they to reply to you.

If you want to try the game right away, you can just add the game to WindowsDefense exclusion list follow microsoft's instruction (it's very simple)

:D thank you for  interesting in Mel's Saga