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Hi Itiko.

Actually the 1.1 demo  is end at that tunnel, i forgot to fix that so instead of showing  notify message, it moved you to a non-exist map thus caused the error.  (´;ω;`)

Although the 1.1 demo is short, however the actual game had processed much further than that.

The 1.2 demo is coming but the release date hasn't been decided, if you  interest, you can follow me to receive lastest new about the game whenever it's available

(and yes, monsters are invisible on map, you can only see them via Radar)

Thank you for taking interest with the game =D I  will try harder to have the next demo available soon

Wow, an online game, nice! =D

Thanks Stephen, for your great review!
You made my day ʚ♡⃛ɞ(ू•ᴗ•ू❁)

I got what you mean, that's a way to go thanks Whitewatt. Btw, after applied Hotfix1 patch, is there any monsters become invisible?

Hi yamihoon,

Thank you very much for ur feedback, i am glad to hear that you liked it.

You can always check actors' Hp/Mp and TP on the left side of screen. You can also check even more detail on them/enemies by pressing Shift while selecting target. I wonder did you notice that?

Ops that right, the first one is bug, with the newest patch, pick up something will make its sprite disappear, also there maybe misbehavior with enemies's battler too.

Those tile is passable intently, i plan to hide some treasure chest behind them :) is it weird to passable like that?

I will have another patch once i get home :(

Let me know if you find anything else strange, thanks Whitewatt

Wow hey hi Whitewatt ! I knew that i forgot something! I had thought that i must inform you about this but i forgot due to i had to went out at that time!  It's great to see you and thank you for trying the game, the fix is coming in next 1 min , i will release a small patch to fix this, plz try again

Please post any bugs that you encountered here

Please post your comments, suggestion and any feedback about the game here ;)

Hi VirtualLite, yes, they all have  the same set of animations, except #1 she has some extra animations

Hey thank you =)  i am glad to hear that

Congratulation on your first released plugin ;)

Now i totally agree with you that we need to balance between  real life & game dev. But i really admire how you could  totally live with Fear&Hunger and ignored other things. Even i know it is killing yourself (lol) but if i  can do that i wil do the same anyhow.
Recently i totally stuck with ideas for my games, so i  search letplay videos on youtube  for inspiration. By coincidence i found Fear&hunger let's play videos by Nico the Sergal; Man, i can't believe you could have such brilliant ideas for you game (such as Beheaded Wizard  and  the way Darkness slowly move into Scene - such brilliant). 

Can i know how long it took you to made this game? You'd done pretty everything in this game and it seems to be a huge amount of contents, so i really curious =)

Of course, you're welcome


Hi there, i added an option that if you use tag VANISH in item's aug effect, it will be disappeared after inserted. Also fixex a small bug   (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑

Thank you ROSDev, it's really great to know that you like  it =)
I do open for plugin commission, you can contact me at

Hi, sorry for inconvenient. I have just updated the plugin.
The problem is fixed now and a function to restrict max slots a weapon(s) can have has been added too =D
Let me know if you have any probs

Thanks Kentaroo! I am glad that you like it =D

=D Congratulation on release your demo

Thanks Whitewatt =D i am glad to hear that

=D awesome works!

Will the projectiles  auto get mirrored if it was an enemy who shot them?

I don't really understand how this work?
Why did it move to each enemy once?
For example, if i use this skill on enemy #4, it should move straight to #3 before moving to #4 right? (or does prev target work in another way?)

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Sorry for posting here, but i don't know how to contact to you @Irina.
Will your plugin Action Sequence Impact plugin for RPG Maker MV
work for DragonBone Battlers?

I want to purchase that bundle but i think it won't work for DragonBone Battlers   =/
(Effect stuff like motionblur/ shockwave..)

Hi, thank for your interest.
I am working full 24/7 on this game, hopefully to release it within this year

I am glad that you tried it Paul-sama. Yup, advanced skills such as Phoenix's Swing of Roxan require 6 keys (it's kinda hard) but it deal damage many times on an enemy,  you need  certain massing-button skill to input those much keys within 1s   (/^▽^)/

Thanh you very much, know that you enjoyed it is truly a great motivation for me ! (ノ^∇^)ノ゚
Thing get most of my effort was Actors' combo sytem - thing yet has no one able to do
(it was my fault to not explain it properly) and so i explain how to do it in detail
on the post above = ) you can test it if you like

(3 edits)

Since  the best polished thing & costed most of time to be made in my game - the combo system of Characters - so far has no one succeeded in doing it, and it was my fault to not proper explain to player. Therefor, i will explain about it in detail here, so new players can do it easier.

For  an Actor to perform Combo, these condition must be met

1. Has enough of AP: while in Battle, at the mid left corner you will see a window say _ AP: 3 AP (Action Points) is required for Actors to take any action. Except of Ultimate Skills, another Attacks/Skills only cost 1 AP

2. the Weapon must have CP  (Combo Points):  CP is shown at the bottom line of item's description
- And you can find a quite strong weapon with 3CP for Mei at right most corner in the Dangerous Cliff's below map

Now, once you got the right weapon, simply perform attack . Once your attack has landed on enemy, a Pop window will show up to indicate that it's the time for you to input Combo (you will have like 1 second to press the keys).
Combo's Keys can be checked in Actor's Skill Menu

And since the game use AP (Action Point) mechanic. One actor can take as many action he want as long as the Party has sufficient AP.

* To switch between Actors in Battle, you can either press U/ O key

* To end turn and save AP for next turn, you can press X and choose > End

That's it. Hope you guy can  try out the Combo system now =D

Thank you  very much Adventurer_inc ,
It's great to hear what you said, because i can see that you gave attention to even small details.
It's true that Mei actor was the best polished one, with unique spritesheet & faceset
With the right weapon, Mei's special attack can one shot most of the enemy.
The inbalance was due i didn't have enough of time to include different tier of enemies,
so i increased stats for some of them (like evilEye & mDrago) thus made somes are stronger
compare to anothers.

Truly appreciate your comment

At first it was true that i tried to pull out a parody game, but then development went great so
i tried to drive the story go into another way.    It's great to hear some complaints,
because i can avoid making same mistakes next time. Thank you

Actually because of work i was only able to play until  main character talk to his 2 neighbor kids then moving to some strange place with golden statues. I will try some more when i am free = ) the concept is nice  so far

I gave this game a go today, everything is kinda simple, but  the way you manipulated events and control their movement is nice,  that's very great for your first games

(1 edit)

I like the intro music, it gave me a feeling of sorrow - it fit very well for horror game.
Mapping is very nice too, it's really assemble a real house's structure, while i... usually map randomly
without any rules.
At first i thought it was a small map but then it turn out to have so much of rooms, well...
There was no instruction but i found out we can press Q to turn on Flash Light.
After entered few first room and saw corpses who had been murdered brutally, i come to a conclusion that the main Girl was the one who did all of this in unconscious state & she just forget it all once
she wake up.

But then,  i realize a strange behavior (it's sometime when you interact with bed/ shelf, you just disappear until you hit any keys) that  is very likely the Girl will do that to hide from something.
So i think it was not the girl but a terrible monster who is lurking inside some dark rooms of this house - who did all of this.

Well i ran right into a bug though, it is just stuck there ..
So, i really like the ambient, story and mapping style, it's a good one to try for people who like horror, mystic games  ヾ(。・ω・)シ

Thank you chibievil. I enjoyed watching you play again.
Watched you played give me an idea of how should
i balance stuffs, it was just too hard really =)
one mistake and you die. Btw i noticed that you
submitted a game as well, i will take a look at it soon =)

Oh,  i will definitely  turn the quest window into  some kind of icons to save the space.
Trail of smoke is a very heavy particle system that i included just for... fun, it will be active if you equip
"Isabella's book" item.

A good new is that after IGMC time, i had improvement the battle system a lots, fixed Party Menu bug,
now enemies will try to parry your attacks as well, and defense system had been modified so that instead of timing press,
now you can interact in real time with Actors to make them step back/ford/sit down or jump.

It's just i don't know if it will ever be published soon      (ノ・ω・)ノ゙

Hi Xenoneo, yes i noticed about your game before and had thought that  it might got similar idea  to my game,
because of the name.  Thank you for playing my game.

I had noticed about all the bug you mentioned, the game will crash if you enter Party Menu while in Battle Scene, however 
it shouldn't crash by entering the battle.

Oh and you noticed it very well, yes the map will  picked randomly each time you enter the Hell.

Thank you again for playing.  I am curious about your game & will see it soon


Thank you  rooodworks. I will take your advices and improve it next time ❤⃛ヾ(๑❛ ▿ ◠๑ )

Hi LockeCole88, thank you very much for your feedback. It's a great motivation for me to  hear that you liked it. I will try to look into the problem, i did notice that Party Menu cause some problem for characters' sprite  so this will get fixed soon. :) have a good day

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Mountain View Mountain View Mountain View

Asset pack includes 5 characters + 2 enemies
Looping background + Tile + 2 objects
Each characters has 2 animation included (idle/flying/hurt)

Inspiration by Angry Bird, can be used to make similar game or any kind of game
with your imagination :) Now on sale only for $9.9
Support any question at:

Thank everybody