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Nope it didnt get resolved. Still waiting haha 

ok thanks, i will stick to standalone for now until it fixes itself

Hi, i bought the game yesterday but the itch app only has demo and walkthrough available is there a problem or is it on itch side. Thanks for making an awesome game am enjoying it so far.

hi what font do you use?

hi, any updates on when it will be released, thanks.

i did a plathrough of the game with my thoughts at the end enjoy 

I quite enjoyed this game, even though i didn't reach end of demo, i liked the custom sprites and collecting monsters and was sad everytime i got the monster killed. Good work, can't wait to see where u go with this.

here is my playthrough of this game: 

Even though i don't play Clicker games, i quite liked this one.
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really enjoyed this entry. I love sci-fi and enjoyed Starmage's previous games, and they did not disappoint with this one either.

Here is my video of when I played it, it was really fun even though I died towards the end.

here's the video of when i played it.

Played the game on my youtube channel, i only played 30mins but it was still a fun experience

Played the game on my channel, really enjoyed it and found the puzzles really good, and the chase sequence creeped me out but fun, I really can't wait for more I love ittt

Played this game myself, love that its short and very cute, saw some spelling and grammar errors here and there but other than that it was amazing. :) glad i found this cute game

I played the game on my channel and had a blast playing it, I don't really play Rogue lites but i had a blast :)

Here's a video i did on the game. It wasn't bad but it does need some work, like the maps are really big and no idea where you supposed to go just 'gotta find derrick' and many doors to go and there was a teleport when u go to the dark room and it teleports you into the center of the room with all the doors, not sure if that's what it was supposed to do. There are others that i pointed out in the video as well.
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Hello, I did a full video on your game and I really enjoyed it, when i saw the description there was going to be cooking in it I was unsure I would Like it but i actually enjoyed the collecting the ingredients and enjoyed talking with everyone and doing the gardening. It was a very interesting game. Wish it was longer but loved it, Loved the art and music too. It ended up being two videos So i thought I would share the playlist :)

Hi, will the release be anytime soon?

yeah I knew what it meant, I just skimmed over most of the description haha. I am glad you you found it funny though

So I didn't really see the tags with the lesbian, I was just looking for a short game to play, so when i saw it, it quite surprised me, I don't mind it at all I just thought it was one of those cute puzzle games with no romance or that kind of thing haha. I loved it though it very cute, wish it was longer, Loved the puzzles and the mapping is nice too.

lovely art as usual, but is it just me or does the hands look like its backwards or is my eyes playing tricks on me XD in the 2022 ver?

i did the prince sekheo route and i did like it, but there is a bug where the mc clothes disappear just before the ceremony XD but all in all it is enjoyable just wish there was more cg and a epilogue scene would be nice too. good job on this it really nice.

super cute game, i have only done one route, paxton, gotta love dude's with long hair and work at a cafe? he is really sweet and everything, I will do the others later but lovely game, super short and sweet.

I really enjoyed this game and wish it was longer haha. I hope maybe in future a sequel or something that shows how they deal with school life as a couple I dunno.

just played, i really like it and can't wait till release. I played the alpha or beta demo a long time ago and just wanted to comment how much better it looks now I also love the chibi sprites they are too cute. is there a release date confirmed?

any news on when the game is out, its september 2021 and still says preorder. Thanks

just finished chapter 5 with raiden romance, he is super amazing. Am wondering when will the rest of the chapters be released. Am loving it so far, took me awhile to warm up to it like it always does and now am super hyped for more.

niiiice list of imports, can't wait for a resident evil shooting system to pop in here :P

what you programmed it in.