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A jam entry

The Maker of DreamsView game page »

Create your dream RPG Maker game in this short game-making simulation.
Submitted by PotatobrainGames with 3 days, 14 hours before the deadline

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RPG Maker MV

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This was a fun game! I got Ending 3 of 5: Fell Short, haha. I think I know what I did wrong in my time management and things, but this was an excellent concept for an RPG Maker game! Excellent job~ A solid entry!


Thanks for trying the game, and I'm glad you liked it!

This isn't an easy game, especially considering the target. The trick is to relate to how you'd do it in real life to make up for your shortcomings and use your strengths to your advantage.


I really do think you definitely had a realistic portrayal! I also like how playing a game upped motivation and relieved stress. I found I tend to make games better if I do take a break and relax with a nice game for inspiration! A game maker must not forget what it is like to be a gamer. One of the issues was probably I worked my character too much haha, having him solo most of it out when I should've worked on hiring commissions or buying assets. Having a team DOES significantly help in game-creation, so I feel kinda silly I missed that as I played since even I myself always has a team. 

Anyway, loved it. I was sure to give it a vote, too!


A pretty interesting concept, but the gameplay is a bit too slow for me to shoot for all 5 endings. I also wish I'd known that having MC develop his own resources wastes space that could have been used on considerably higher quality paid ones before I'd been clicking on things for 45 minutes, but that's a minor gripe.

Developer (Edited 1 time) (+1)

Thanks for the feedback!
The MC can actually create much higher quality resources than the paid ones if he has the respective skill sets. For example, having high Creativity and points in Music will allow the MC to create high quality music resources for the game (Upto +1000). Also, the Motivation level comes into play at the time of creating the resources, but not when buying them.
Three out of five endings are bad ones, so you don't need to try and shoot for all of them. :)


I love the concept of this! I played for a bit but simulation games aren't really my thing - what I did play though seemed like it had flow/polish. Congratulations on completing your submission! :)


Hey Jake, thanks for the support! I'm glad you like the concept; it's an idea I had for quite a while, but the IGMC gave me a good excuse to execute it. Your submission looks interesting, too. I didn't get the chance to play it yet, but would definitely give it a go when I get the time.


I'm updating it before the actual contest so it's probably better for me that you're waiting. :)