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Yikes, I love all these new updates that insist that the physical owner of the computer does not have the right to administrate said computer lol. I'm glad you got it working though!

And yea... next time I power through a short project like this, I'll be sure to give the player more explicit opportunities to customize and resupply. I spent a large chunk of the planning stage trying to put a military spin on the standard Fantasy RPG classes, so I probably should have let you explore that more :P.

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Are you playing on Mac, by chance? It's possible that it's an issue with the game's permissions - your computer sees a .exe file from an unknown publisher and assumes it's dangerous, so it only has "read" permissions and not "write." (Because it is not allowed to write to your hard drive, it cannot create a new save file in its folder.)

Last time a Mac user had this issue with an MV game, the (admittedly a bit janky) fix ended up being:
1) If you try to change the games "Options," it should result in an "Unknown Error," which lists a file path. I think it points to the Resources folder? (It's been over a year, sorry.)
2) Go to the location indicated in the error and manually create a folder inside titled "Save"
3) Ctrl+click/Command+click, I think? (edit: sorry, Windows user here - I guess Mac has actually added a right mouse button since last time I used one) on the Save folder and edit its permissions (requires Administrator credentials) to allow *anyone* to read/write/edit.

If you're not on Mac and/or those steps don't work let me know, I feel bad enough as it is making you go through that much trouble for a rushed contest entry lol. As an aside, if you're a UNIX wizard you can probably just change the game's permissions via command line.

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Huh. I played all the way through after compressing and never encountered that, but thanks for the heads up, I'll look into it.  (I know I'm way late, I've been terrible about checking my e-mail out here on mobile data.)

Edit: Sure enough, there are several animations missing - it looks like the "exclude unused files" feature in MV's deployment menu goes significantly overboard and ends up excluding files that were, in fact, assigned to usable/learn-able skills. That's a valuable lesson learned. I added all the default RTP animations back to the folder and will upload it when my 3G wants to cooperate.

Probably the most "complete" feeling entry I played, but goodness, those fights were hard! I feel like both the parents fight and the 3x Mushroom fight could lead to death if you got unlucky and missed once.

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It seems the [Locked] dialogue options can still be selected, but freeze the game. That'll teach me to be curious and stubborn lol.
Also the "I'm worried about" choice is blocked by Naomi's portrait.

Still, the very short bit I was able to play showed promise, and having done guard duty before I appreciated the quips about bored guards staring into space. Good luck with the full game!

A pretty interesting concept, but the gameplay is a bit too slow for me to shoot for all 5 endings. I also wish I'd known that having MC develop his own resources wastes space that could have been used on considerably higher quality paid ones before I'd been clicking on things for 45 minutes, but that's a minor gripe.