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Tunnels Goons Text Sticky

A topic by Highland Paranormal Society created Aug 09, 2019 Views: 288
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Game Structure:  A referee controls and describes the world to players who then describe how their characters act in the world. 

Action Roll: When an action’s success is uncertain, a player rolls 2d6 and adds points from the relevant class and a point for any relevant items. If the total is equal or greater than the action’s Difficulty Score (DS) it is successful.

Difficulty Scores Guidelines: Easy: 8  Moderate: 10  Hard: 12

Dangerous Actions: If an action has a risk of physical danger, the difference between the roll and Difficulty Score is the amount of damage the endangered participant takes.

Example:  As an action, a Player Character fights an enemy with a DS of 10. The player rolls 2d6 and adds 2 from their Brute Score, 1 from their sword, and 1 from their shield. The total is 12. The difference between 12 and 10 is 2, so the creature takes 2 damage. A non player character’s DS is also their Health Points, so now the enemy’s Difficulty Score is 8. If the roll was 8 then the Player Character would have lost 2 health.

Inventory: Your Inventory Score is how many items you can carry comfortably. For each item that exceeds your Inventory Score subtract 1 from any Brute or Skulker Rolls.

Death: When a character’s Health Points reach zero, they die. 

Advancement: Level up at the end of a game session. Each level, raise a class score by 1 and raise either Health or Inventory Score by 1.

Healing: Regain lost Health Points by spending the night in a safe spot.

Character Creation

Name your character.

Health Points are 10

Inventory Score is 8

Distribute 3 points between these classes:

Brute: Good at smacking things, feats of strength 

Skulker: Good at sneaking, aiming, balancing

Erudite: Good at reading, perception, speaking

Choose 3 Starting Items: Melee Weapon (specify) Ranged Weapon (specify) Piece of Armor (specify) Cloak (specify color) Ration (specify) Torch Net Bear Trap Hammer Mirror Rope Manacles Flask Marbles Pitons Scissors Wire Flint Steel