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Absorb water and fire energy to take out ghosts.
Submitted by Kobato Games β€” 2 hours, 22 minutes before the deadline
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GDevelop and GIMP

How does your game fit the theme?
Slime can absorb elemental energy from water and fire and use it to neutralize ghosts of the corresponding variety.

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There was a save error when I found a minor glitch and tried to upload a fixed version right at the deadline. Long story short, my game no longer exists and I was given permission to link the Newgrounds version below:

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Loved the narrative and gameplay! Here's a link to my playthrough...


Short nice platformer πŸ˜Š!

Absorption of the different elements to kill the ghost was a good game mechanic. Would like to have seem more variations of the ghosts and elements. Maybe even combining some. Going back for the elements was not always fun, but you did not have to kill every ghost so sometimes I just jumped around. Love to see more and complex levels. Maybe in an update. Fun to play😊!

Cute simple art. Coherent with each other. Some little effects. Maybe some extra effects would be a nice polish

Fine audio soundtrack with a nice beat.  Also sound effects is plus. Maybe next time also jump sound. But was all ok

Good game mechanic that maybe could be even expanded in future.

Overall job well done πŸ’ͺ!


very cute, good mechanic. only thing i didnt like was backtracking to get a different element, but you mostly could just avoid the ghosts anyway.


I had a hard time finding a happy medium of not leaving the element right next to each the ghost while also not making the hero run across the whole level each time they absorbed the right element to take out a ghost. However, as you noted, you can just ignore the ghosts -- embarrassing secret, there are probably only one or two ghosts per level that have to be taken out for the player to advance. I thought about adding a score or a way the player can't advance until they neutralize all the ghosts, though I did not have experience with that and was completely tied up with level design. I think I will plan on adding a final score for each level based on how many ghosts you absorb.


Great game I loved it


Nice graphical style. And decent gameplay. Challenging but doable. 

On the jumps down you often couldn't see where you would end up.


Yeah, I noticed that too. I set the camera to be a little above the player. Maybe I need to tweak its acceleration to keep up with the falling speed.


I like how you implemented the theme into your game. The gameplay was simple but fun. A criticism that I have is that some of the levels ended up feeling unnecessarily repetitive with little complexity. I think A little more carefully planned level design could make for some very very fun levels. Overall, this was a good game and I enjoyed playing it :)


cool and simple idea, it whould be better if you die after you just touched the ghost and make the ghost colliders a bit small , other than that (more levels :) Nice game.


Thanks. I did end up shrinking the collision masks a good bit before uploading the final version. Maybe I should shrink them a bit more. It also just occurred to me that maybe I should have a "die" animation when the slime touches the ghosts, kind like the ghosts dissolve when the slime touches them. I do have plans to add more levels and challenges. Glad so many people are enjoying this simple jam game.


both the idea and execution are superb!! pretty simple, but yet challenging!!

very well done <3


Thank you. I am glad so many people have been enjoying the game.


Super fun! This is a really cool game, I love the concept of taking the flames to kill some ghosts and water for others. Reminds me of Water girl and Lava boy but single player.


Oh yeah, I remember those games. Maybe they subconsciously inspired the idea. I also had plans to add purple magic ghosts that could be neutralized after touching a magic crystal, but quickly decided to stick with fire and water so it would not get too complicated. In hindsight, it was definitely a smart decision.

Host (1 edit) (+1)

Note by the game jam host: the submission was in on time but there were some glitches and problems. You can play and rate the game via the provided extra link.

Developer (2 edits) (+1)

Sorry to be late responding. I conked out for a long time after I finally had the Newgrounds link added. Thank you so much for allowing my game to stay in the jam despite the complications. Looking forward to checking out my fellows jammers games :)


Fun game! I like the mechanic. You could've added more puzzle elements i guess. In the last level I think your design was to lit the fire, walk back, get the fire and kill the ghosts, but i could just continue to run haha. Overall nice game nice mechanic. i like. nice entry