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CATS! ATTACKView game page

Top down 2D role-playing game about cats
Submitted by Khairul Hidayat — 8 hours, 27 minutes before the deadline

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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Design (This refers to the space where mechanics take place)#63.0323.125
Gameplay (The mechanics and rules of the game)#132.0622.125

Ranked from 8 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Godot version
v3.1 alpha 3


Game description
2D Top down role-playing game about a cat that is want to revenge his friends death

Move: WASD, arrow key, left click, & touch.
Interact: Left click & touch.
TAB: Open stats menu.
Escape or back button: Open ingame menu.
Skills: Q, W, and E

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The game is stuck on base camp for me.
 I cannot get anywhere else.


Did you have clicked the quest board on bottom of trader cat?

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As a composer, i REALLY love this soundtrack. It's really well thanked, well worked, all the cadences, the melody, the way that the instruments are inserts. Makes me reminds of Yann Tiersen, you guys have a huge composer on your team. The game is really good, as all they already said, great art, polished game, thought i didn't like very much the gameplay itself. But still, that's a fine piece done in one week.


I'm on board with what everyone here is saying. I loved it. The levels, upgrading. My first thought was WOAH! Really? This in a week? Good stuff bro!


Great audio, great clean art, great intro, i like the pseudo atb battle system, great job.


I am glad that you like it.. Thank you for your feedback! :D


Really great looking art, the animations of the cats are very well done. Also the music is nice. The game runs very well.
Until i was able to defeat the group at "the hut" i had to grind a few times, because i was too weak before ( the problem was the 3 cat  group at "the hut") . I found out that i could walk outside the visible map, maybe add boundaries or colliders at the borders, if you want to continue on this project.
Very nice game!


Yeah it's hard to attack the enemy at 1-4 and need to grind the game until the cat are strong enough because of the missing trade system, skill upgrade, and other aspect. I'll continue this game eventually.

I am glad that this game runs well. Thank you for your feedback! :D


I agree with everything Mauve said. Theme, audio, design and turn-based gameplay were awesome, but it became very grindy 5 minutes in the game. And it's missing some audio effects like guns shooting, walking, or button clicks.

I also really like the UI, simple and clean.

Well done overall!


Hi! Yeah it looks like this game need to be adjusted in several aspect. Especially the grindy thing that make this game very boring.

Anyway, thank you for your feedback! :D


Great audio and art! The game was a bit of a grind towards the end, and having to wait for health post-combat is not one of my favorite mechanics. Also I could not access trader, I think this made the game a lot harder. Really cool and intuitive control scheme. Didn't expect to see a real time battle with cooldowns, I really enjoyed the battle system.


Thanks for playing this game :) yeah it seems that the enemy in 1-4 is too hard to attack, i'll adjust that again.
The trading system is not implemented yet, sorry..

But again. thank you for your feedback!