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Khairul Hidayat

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Did you have clicked the quest board on bottom of trader cat?

Very nice game design! Although it is little bit difficult to get an A rank on every level..  Great game!

I am glad that you like it.. Thank you for your feedback! :D

Yeah it's hard to attack the enemy at 1-4 and need to grind the game until the cat are strong enough because of the missing trade system, skill upgrade, and other aspect. I'll continue this game eventually.

I am glad that this game runs well. Thank you for your feedback! :D

Hi! Yeah it looks like this game need to be adjusted in several aspect. Especially the grindy thing that make this game very boring.

Anyway, thank you for your feedback! :D

Thanks for playing this game :) yeah it seems that the enemy in 1-4 is too hard to attack, i'll adjust that again.
The trading system is not implemented yet, sorry..

But again. thank you for your feedback!

Nice game! :D although it is hard to play :'3

Thankyou! :D

Chess x PvZ! Love this game <3

Thanks :D

From the terminal output, it looks like the executable trying to use old engine.cfg, because i've deleted custom splash image by v1.1..

If you have engine.cfg in the same directory as the executable, maybe delete it will fix the problem.. :)

Did it crashed too when played with godot editor?

I can run it smoothly with my old laptop.. Ubuntu 16.04 x64..

May i have your export template? i've downloaded from, but it doesn't work :(

Anyone have a working html5 export template? :D

Thanks! I'll submit html5 build when this game are playable enough :)

mantep gan gamenya (y)