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Thank you for playing! The main character turned out nice but her sprite and the bullet were the only first-party pixel art we had the time to make. Check out the third party assets credits to learn where we got most of the pixel art from public domain and CC-BY sources, art kits are a huge life saver!

Zed, I have emailed you my information. I used the word 'humbly' in the message so you know it was me.

Amazing prizes. Will subscribe to this thread for further developments.

Amazing game. Very challenging, very like rogue!

Can't wait to make a dumb story with my friends!

Love the UI, the smaller viewport constrains in a way that only adds to the wonder of exploration and to the nostalgia of playing GameBoy.

So cool, amazing graphics with a very oldschool feel! Really like the damage system and the spell selection. It's likely very good to use when you're a DM introducing people to TTRPGs.

Great game!

Thank you for playing, and for hosting the jam!

This game is so much fun! It took me a few years of dying to finally achieve my first ascension. The game really condenses the entire experience. I especially can relate to the lich fight.

Thank you for playing :)

I'm so happy the concept worked.

Thank you for playing! :)

Try scoring an A rank on every level :)

Thank you for playing! It really is a difficult game :)

Great animation! Very polished and good audio.

Awesome! Thanks :)

It's fine! Deployment is always very difficult, I have removed my previous comment about the export. Great art and cool concept, having to deliver something that is hard do control is a common theme in our submissions. I really like this kind of challenge.

The cats are very cute. Pretty good art. I wonder how the game will play once it's completed. Keep it up! :D

Amazing soundtrack! The introduction screen with the enemies looked so cool!

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Really nice graphics and game feel. Some weapons and enemies are really cool. I didn't discover how to swap weapons, so I ended up running out of bullets all the time. I like that the UI is simple and conveys all information it needs. Excelent work!

Great concept! I guess christmas really does suck when you're a snowman. The gameplay is pretty neat and I really like the procedurally generated shops. Using human shields against the snowball enemies is tons of fun, but they're not so cool when you have no cover to run to (on hard mode). Also, I really liked the character customization, excelent work.

Great humour and concept. I really like the sort levels with very well defined mechanics where you need to progress and die a lot before you succeed. It got a bit dull having to do them over towards the second half, especially considering how hard some of the stages are, but I understand that's how the song 12 days of christmas plays. Excelent work!

Great audio and art! The game was a bit of a grind towards the end, and having to wait for health post-combat is not one of my favorite mechanics. Also I could not access trader, I think this made the game a lot harder. Really cool and intuitive control scheme. Didn't expect to see a real time battle with cooldowns, I really enjoyed the battle system.

Excelent soundtrack and art choice. The songs brought back some great memories of Christmas for me. Here i how far I have made

Very neat use of the theme! The game is also very tough, with some cool audio, polishing and improving the mechanics, I'm sure it can become great.

Thanks a lot for playing! I was unsure if people would like this game, but I'm very happy how the mechanics turned out. I'm glad you found the game enjoyable.

Thanks for playing :)