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A third person platformer with an industrial cyberpunk aesthetic
Submitted by sai.narayan (@nightmask3) — 3 hours, 50 minutes before the deadline
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How does your submission match the theme?
My interpretation of the theme, 'Dual Purpose Design' was to change the abilities that are typically taken as a given in a platformer (like running and jumping) and make them be diegetic elements of the world.

The setting of 'Exodus' is that the player is a robot trying to escape an abandoned factory.

In doing so, they stumble upon various augmentations/'gadgets' that allow the player to perform more actions than they could before.

Listed below are the multiple purposes that I tried to make each 'gadget' fit.
(These can be considered spoilers to the game experience so *SPOILER WARNING*)

1) Give the player a new action/verb
2) Have an active use for interaction with the world and puzzles
3) Change the player appearance
4) Act as keys to locks in the world
5) Interact with other gadgets
6) Act as collectibles

Third-party resources
Engine Used: Unreal 4


Models: All models made by me
Animations: All animations taken from Mixamo, License:
Textures: Some textures/materials are sourced from the Unreal Engine Default/Starter content pack which is free to use, specifically some rust and metal textures which are used to give all the custom textures I made a bit of wear and tear and rust overlay, License:

Music: No music/sound in the game (sadly :( )

Developer - Sai Narayan (@nightmask3)
Tester - Egemen Koku (@AegeanHomines)

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I thought it was a novel spin on the Metroidvania concept to have your abilities also act as keycards. However, I think you probably could have just gated the player off with a challenge they could overcome only after they got the ability anyway.  The concept was pretty neat, though I would love to see more abilities added. Also, run didn't feel like a super useful ability to get, since you could just spam air jump to span long distances anyway. 

The art is pretty good, but some portions of the level are a little dark for their own good. The character design is great, and I'm super impressed that you were able to make fairly good looking animations in such a small time frame.


Thanks! :)
Yeah in retrospect, adding some sort of stamina/energy would have probably been a good idea.

I'm hoping to expand on this idea in a game project I'm working on right now, so stay tuned! :D

Something to note is I didn't make the animations, just the model. I found the animations on this site called Mixamo, and I just did the work of binding them to input so that it feels nice and snappy and transitioning between them. 


Really lovely game! I included it in my Game Maker Toolkit’s Game Jam compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)


Thanks!! :)

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

I just love this game. Needed some time to understand the jumping behavior. But after that it was a lot of fun. The style is really cool and the obstacles getting harder level by level. The running animation of the robot is just funny. :) And even it is just a little and short game, it has a small story in it. Great!

Three points I like to mention: You can overcome some obstacles by just pressing the jump button over and over again and jump along the wall. I don't think this is the intended solution. The other thing is: The game is nearly 1GB big. I don't know much about the Unreal Engine, but maybe you can do some improvements there. And the last point: Would be great to have some atmospheric music.

However, one of my favorites game of the jam. Thank you!


Thank you so much man! :D 

I am so happy to hear you had fun. The fact that you took the time to play my game and leave feedback means the world to me and I truly appreciate it. 

To address your points:

1) You are absolutely right, the Air Jump can be quite easily spammed and you can brute force your way through a lot of puzzles, but I wasn't sure I wanted to restrict the player freedom with a stamina bar, and I didn't have enough time to do testing for the puzzles with a stamina bar so I just decided to go with the unlimited jump. 

2) Game size is unfortunately a side effect of Unreal, most final packaged versions it spits out are very big, but will keep this comment in mind and try to reduce the size in future! I must make sure even people who don't have a fast net connection are still able to play the games I make so it is a very valid feedback. 

3) Oh trust me man I am more sad than you that I could not put any music as I feel that would have elevated the experience by so much, but I could not find any music that matched the style I wanted in the time plus searching Creative Commons for music is hard! (never did it before so didn't know) 

But once again, thanks so much for playing and I hope you have a great day!!