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I just love this game. Needed some time to understand the jumping behavior. But after that it was a lot of fun. The style is really cool and the obstacles getting harder level by level. The running animation of the robot is just funny. :) And even it is just a little and short game, it has a small story in it. Great!

Three points I like to mention: You can overcome some obstacles by just pressing the jump button over and over again and jump along the wall. I don't think this is the intended solution. The other thing is: The game is nearly 1GB big. I don't know much about the Unreal Engine, but maybe you can do some improvements there. And the last point: Would be great to have some atmospheric music.

However, one of my favorites game of the jam. Thank you!


Thank you so much man! :D 

I am so happy to hear you had fun. The fact that you took the time to play my game and leave feedback means the world to me and I truly appreciate it. 

To address your points:

1) You are absolutely right, the Air Jump can be quite easily spammed and you can brute force your way through a lot of puzzles, but I wasn't sure I wanted to restrict the player freedom with a stamina bar, and I didn't have enough time to do testing for the puzzles with a stamina bar so I just decided to go with the unlimited jump. 

2) Game size is unfortunately a side effect of Unreal, most final packaged versions it spits out are very big, but will keep this comment in mind and try to reduce the size in future! I must make sure even people who don't have a fast net connection are still able to play the games I make so it is a very valid feedback. 

3) Oh trust me man I am more sad than you that I could not put any music as I feel that would have elevated the experience by so much, but I could not find any music that matched the style I wanted in the time plus searching Creative Commons for music is hard! (never did it before so didn't know) 

But once again, thanks so much for playing and I hope you have a great day!!