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Fighting for a rail cart.
Submitted by Mihajlo Stefanović — 5 hours, 4 minutes before the deadline

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This game is all about mechanics interacting. The player is divided into two of your companions lets say. They have different abilities. Since your goal is to push a rail cart as fast as you can the first one has the ability to do it but he can't defend himself. The second one must defend him and also remove the obstacles out of the way. He can shoot and stab, shooting drains him, stabbing charges. He must balance those two with the timer, they are being chased. The enemies have also two ways of sabotaging them, they can stop the rail cart or distract the one pushing it.

Third-party resources
Unity 5.6

Developer: Mihajlo Stefanović
Music: Dušan Kolak

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I liked it enough, and I think there's room for potential here, but as it stands it's a little too monotonous - it's quite easy to simply push, slash, push, slash your way forward, and there's no incentive to try anything else. I do hope you develop the game further, though!


Thank you for playing and for the feedback! I agree with your point. Took me too much time to make it work so there was little left for balancing and really making it fun. But thanks again for the feedback it helps so much! 😁


Hi there,

I gave it a try, music is nice, esthetics goes well with the game. Idea is clever.

I did not have fun while playing it, but I am sure there is potential if you focus on improving gameplay.

Congrats for making a game !

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks for playing! It's much better to have some feedback so thank you.

P.S. I never focus on how much  the game is fun since I don't think all games should be fun but with this one I should have done that.. 

I agree.  Good luck for what comes next !


Thanks! Good luck to you too :D