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Mihajlo Stefanović

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This is beautiful! Thank you and all of the artists for making this. :D

You are probably not dumb , this game is very abstract. 😁 I would love to tell you the story in words but I think that it's very hard or even impossible, that's why I made a game. I can just tell you that this is a story heavy based on it's title.

Thank you for playing and for the feedback! I agree with your point. Took me too much time to make it work so there was little left for balancing and really making it fun. But thanks again for the feedback it helps so much! 😁

Thanks! Good luck to you too :D

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Thanks for playing! It's much better to have some feedback so thank you.

P.S. I never focus on how much  the game is fun since I don't think all games should be fun but with this one I should have done that.. 

Thank you for noticing! It really means something to me that someone is paying attention to such a detail and playing the game in a thoughtful way, that's the way it is meant to be played. So thanks for giving it a try!

It's now fixed!

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thanks for the feedback

That's just how I felt this game should be. Maybe I should change the velocity thing.. we'll see 😁