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A jam submission

It's gonna be all rightView game page

A jam game for GMTKJAM 2017
Submitted by NEVER BEHIND — 13 hours, 44 minutes before the deadline

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How does your submission match the theme?
"It's Gonna Be All Right" revolves around the use of one button and one button only !

Instead of the usual jumping button of runners, we decided to dedicate the button to one choice: move right, or don't.
In addition to moving, the button allows players to see further if they go fast enough.
So button controls movement and zoom level simultaneously,

Of course speed is of the essence and a scoreboard at the end of the game will reflect how fast you were able to go, and at what cost (number of deaths)

Third-party resources
Game was developped with GameMaker Studio 1.4
Art was made with
Music was made using
Audio was recorded then worked with audacity
A few sounds were also made using

ROBOWARRIOR made the art, audio, music, and testing
JoqLePecheur made the code, level design, and testing

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I'm surprised by how much I enjoyed this, because I'm not a fan of runners. It just goes to show you how much changes with a simple remix of core design philosophy. It's amazing how much depth you were able to squeeze out of a simple, one-button game. I'm a big fan of the art-style, the only exception being that the trees kinda give the impression of old red-blue 3D without the glasses. The music and sound work well. The biggest flaw in the game is the overdone and often disorienting zoom. The way the camera moves can make it very hard to keep track of yourself and where everything is in the environment with respect to you, and it makes it difficult to judge distance when the scale has changed immensely over such a short period of time. I'd say the zoom either needs to be much more subtle, or it should simply be a camera on rails without the zoom.


Hello SplitHare,

Thank you for your nice and in-depth review !

For your information, I am not sure what version you played but we have slightly improved the camera post-jam version. Your feedback is interesting, we will discuss if we can improve it further.

Kind regards


Am i bad ? :|

Cool game anyway ! (except the respawn is a bit long haha)


wow you really persevered in the last levels !

Well, you finished the game and it is supposed to be hard, so no, you are not bad :)