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Super Duper Genre Pooper 2021View game page

Play some cross-genre microgames! You know you wanna!
Submitted by Niv ๐ŸฆŒ (@nivrad00) โ€” 8 hours, 7 minutes before the deadline
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Ranked from 9 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

How does your game fit the theme?
It's a microgame collection where each microgame stems from "joining together" two genres.

Did your team create the vast majority of the art during the 48 hours?


We created the vast majority of the art during the game jam

Did your team create the vast majority of the music during the 48 hours?


We created the vast majority of the music during the game jam

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post jam, please!


if you're talking about a post-jam update then i plan on it! evntually!


It feels like you don't have enough time to complete the minigames, especially with the dual typing minigame. Also, some combinations don't appear and some genres from the completion screen just don't appear at all, but that's understandable since, you know... game jam. Other than that, this is pretty fun!


That's fair, i think i ended up balancing the typing/typing minigame around a target WPM of 70 or 80 so if you type slower than that (like the majority of people on Earth) you're screwed ๐Ÿ˜ญ I wanted to make the timer really tight to challenge the player to get better on subsequent runs, but the problem with typing is that you can't really improve your WPM over the short term. Regardless, I probably should have erred on the side of longer. Thanks for playing!

This is quite a treat -- I am amazed that you managed to implement so many genre combinations within the time limit. I don't think the game needs a lives system, though, since it's core appeal is the exploration of genre combos. I think it would work much better if you just kept the game randomly matching genres until the player cleared all combos at least once, then opened up a free genre select.


Ty! I'm amazed too, I ended the first day with just the architecture and one (1) genre implemented and I thought this project was doomed for sure. Also, that's not a bad idea, though I do like the challenge offered by the lives system -- maybe a "free play" mode is in order :)


wow, this is by far one of the most funs games ive played! I would love to see an expanded version with more genres and more levels for the existing genres. Great job!


Tysm!! I would definitely love to expand this game... I had 6 other genres planned (racing, puzzle, fighting, VN, sports, trivia) and I wanted to procedurally generate levels and stuff. Who knows when I'll be able to get around to it though, hah


The game crashes randomly sometimes, but the idea is great! 5 stars for sure


Yeah lot of people have been reporting crashes, unfortunately didn't have time to fix ): But ty for the kind words!


super super cool 


Tyvm :3


Very cute game. Well done


Thank uu


now this is epic