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That's a great idea... I was actually thinking I should have done that myself. I don't have plans to update this game but thanks for leaving a comment :)

wonderful and wholesome!! i clicked through to find out about dragon dares and now i'm excited for more :)

tysm for the kind words!! if only we lived in a world where the stars aligned and MCC was finished...😭

thanks, i'm a sucker for happy endings ;w;

beautiful and candid game!! 

thank u!! oliver's a cute one :)

thanks a bunch charlmes!!


thank owo

i loved all the surreal places you get to explore!! just the right amount of terror for me, while also being pretty wholesome. great work :)

the art and music are totally surreal, good work!!

what a whimsical little adventure!! congrats on getting best game :)

thx :3

furnomenal!! i'm usually not big on redemption arcs but god damn it i am proud of patches. super impressed by the expressiveness of the character sprites and how elaborate the branching paths are. out of the new characters my favorites are tigger and rover... they just want to play sports and i WOULD die for them. cheers!

i love the tree animations :)

thanks a bunch!! the glitch effect was one of our first ideas for this game, it's super cool to see how players react to it :3

No thank you for voicing so many characters :3

the art and writing is on point for this jam. "so u finlay made it" absolutely killed me LOL

wholesome and funny!!! i love the happy whales :)

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fun little time waster! pretty challenging once it meets top speed, too. here's the score i got before deciding to rest my fingers LOL

super cute!! now i understand what it's like to be a cat....

what a sick art style!! i think this concept has a ton of potential. cheers :3

adorable and very nice looking little game! the music is a bop, and also it's hilarious that there's a song about taking your time while you're defusing a bomb. LOL

ty!! you did good, kid, you did good B) 


great stuff!! the controls are very snappy and the levels are super fun. especially impressive that this was made in construct 2! 

my times aren't that great bc i was focusing on beating challenge 1, not improving my existing records... but i still couldn't beat challenge 1 😭

I would die for jumpo btw

Ty and ty for your voice work as well, it was fantastic!!


ty!! kyungsoon is the best hands down

what we all need is to go on a date with a cryptid in these trying times :3

i can't speak for koi, but the team as a whole isn't accepting donations -- there's no plans atm to continue development, so it would be a bit of waste. it's enough that you played our game and liked it enough to comment! cheers!!

i stumbled upon purrfect apawcalypse when i found out we both made a VN with "purrgatory" in the title, and i'm here to add to the shower of praise!! the wholesome but macabre tone is so unique, and i'm especially in love with your humor and character writing. (angel is my favorite.) best of luck in your future work, keep doing what you do!!

Tyvm!! 😊

Thank you, i'm sure you will make amazing games :3

ty so much for your kind words!! i'm totally flattered, tho i have to give credit to zardoru for the elevator gag. i'm glad you liked the humor (and oliver ;3)

So much fun! Despite having an infinite map to work with, I decided to challenge myself to create the most space-efficient "assembly lines" and created the NASTIEST looking factories. (In a good way.) Looking forward to the blueprint update!!