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yes a deer!! very cute :3

yes i would love to see her!!!

omg ty :3

ty for playing!

ty! yes please make as much fanart as you want! and yes i was playing megalovania. i was also drawing an amogus on the draw a paw

ty! as a once fanfiction writer myself i highly encourage it :)

me 2

u are welcome :) i hope you're not too excited for a dating sim though because you can't actually date anyone in purrgatory slfdkgj

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ty :3

lol, ty! and sorry about the puns!

don't worry, i promise they're all okay! i plan to make more visual novels in the future (though with different characters), so don't worry about that :3

you can find a complete list of hole locations in this post under "i can't find all the dig spots in the park!" :)

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tyty :)


to open that door, you need to get a book from oliver (the mouse) in the library, give it to kyungsoon (the hyena), then talk to oliver again :)

ty for the kind comment, and good luck with making your game :)

you may be glad to know there is currently a spanish translation already in the works!

i hope so!

if you get all seven and use them in the right location u get a little easter egg! and ty!

lmao no way

not really!


i'm good but thanks 4 the offer!

sorry, i never made a linux build bc i don't have a linux machine to test and debug on. i'm afraid the web build is your only option ^^;

which door? if you mean the door at the top of the spiral staircase, it's impossible to open!


the game is not moddable, and there are no plans for any more purrgatory content. it'll be a looong, long while before i want to touch this project again =w=

are you looking for the passcode to the meowseum? you should be able to find a clue on a piece of paper near the big hill in the park. then you may have to speak with elijah and sean :3

go here for more hints!

unfortunately there will be no updates and the door will never open! also nice profile pic

AH <3


hey, thanks for sharing your story. i'm honored my little game could be part of it. best of luck making your own slice of heaven :)

i'm honored, thank you :)


it's in the room with the fence and the big hill, in the lower left of the park :)

tyty <3

hec yeah

ty :)

aw, don't cry!


unfortunately that i cannot help you with :3