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no, i used my own dialog system! i could have used twine though, it would have been way better.

it sounds like you both got the answers based on ur other comments but  in case anyone else is having the issue, you can just "pass time" by walking around until he wakes up!

ESCALATOR not elevator!!

i made it in godot, thanks :D



You need seven... check here:

It's a coincidence, I never played it!


it's by the big hill!

hi auguste!

check the bandcamp!

a good one, a bad one, and a medium one!


eep sorry but i dont know how to help... i have had reports of the screen going black at this section, but if that happens you can just keep climbing down until things happen. if youre not able to move at all, i'm just as confused as you ):

Are you using the arrow keys on your keyboard?

message me on twitter @nivrad00 :3

Im sorry, thats been happening to some people! You can get past the game if you click the skip button

There's a map here if thatll help!

No, sorry!

Dang i wish i could help but i've never heard of this happening before o-o I know this reply is late so have you managed to get past it?

not far!



it's a different (and divisive) approach for sure!

fair enough :)


Thank you! Each circle flashes a little when it's supposed to be hit, but it's difficult to see when you're playing. I think you're right that I could have made it more clear--either that or design the game so that there's no "correct" rhythm to begin with. I made the vocals using a vocoder, it uses a recording of my voice to modulate a synth instrument to sound like the synth is singing :)


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Yay, I deforested an entire forest :D

I think the theme of multitasking has a lot of potential... I bet this concept could get very chaotic (in a good way) if it had, say, more chores to complete or distinct enemy behaviors. I liked the particles and SFX when depositing logs, it's very satisfying :)

you have to convert the letters to numbers based on what's on the keypad, it's 5555824387 :)

Thank you!

You're right about it being simple, but I avoided punishment on purpose. I wanted the soothing sounds and visuals you get in response to hitting a note to serve as an intrinsic motivation to play well, rather than an extrinsic scoring system. No score, only vibes :)

i've never read the bible!


it's the game ): it's not that well-made. have you tried the windows build?

you should talk to numa first to discuss the food. then you can ask kyungsoon :)

oh no im sorry!

great game!!

nope, sorry