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thank you for the kind words!!! i'm glad you like kyungsoon, she's my favorite too and she doesn't get the love she deserves ๐Ÿ˜ค

if you want to see more check the twitter, i've been posting dev updates and stuff!!

wonderful and cryptic game, i adore all the critters!!

just dropping by one more time to post my high score... i'd like to see anyone beat this :P

it's finally done

what a journey!! kudos once again on the rad game and rad music B)

aw sweet ๐Ÿ˜Ž time to beat this game once and for all

hey colonel, I passed wave 14 and the enemies stopped spawning! is there supposed to be a final boss or is this just the end of the game...?

just had a chance to play through the rest of the demo, what an ending!! great work once again!

cheers, hope you enjoy the rest ๐Ÿ˜Ž

rad, i'll be sure to play the rest later! ๐Ÿ˜Ž

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Yes, when i checked the drawers on the bed it said something along the lines of "now that you have the paper, you should go talk to scribble," but when i talked to scribble it acted as if i didn't have the paper yet. I never picked up the paper to begin with, as far as I know.

this is a cute and touching story. i adore all of the crayon art!! i got stuck at the part where you have to find extra paper... i think a bug is preventing me from getting the paper. regardless i really enjoyed what i did play, and the premise is great :)

agh i still can't pass wave 14 but at least i have a rad new high score!!

very cute!! the graphics came together really well with the bad art artstyle. i had a fun time exploring :)

tyvm!! I'm glad you were vibing with the game ๐Ÿ˜Š

hey this sure as heck deserved weirdest game but it's a really fun game on its own as well!! i haven't had a chance to play branching corpses from the start, but the mazes were fun and the sound effects/animations felt really smooth despite the bad art. i adore the way you made each maze really seem like a separate universe. cheers :)

hey congrats on winning in the art category and, what's more important, making your first game!! :)

great work dude, very clever energy mechanics and it plays super smooth!

thank uuu!

thanks, we appreciate the support! stay spooky!!

thanks for the kind words!! Oliver is a nice boy isn't he :)

o i'll be on the lookout for it :)

fun game, and congrats on your first game ever!! 

shame the case isn't fully playable, but what you have is looking really polished! great work!

i love the concept!! very cute!!

me and a friend are competing for the high score, but he currently has me beat me with 9400. this game is addicting hehe

i love the silly animations, good work!

great work dude!!

this game is crazy fun!! i've been playing for a good hour or so but i've only managed to get to wave 5... great work on the challenging gameplay :)


just had a playthrough of the demo and i wanted to leave my thoughts!! the characters are adorable, of course... i think esmeralda is my favorite but i also adore marvenus and their quest for snacks. the battle mechanics especially impressed me, because i don't expect so much fun action out of an rpg. it's also a good thing i played sword ball like five times because i really needed that practice for the final battle LOL. i particularly liked the glitchy static effects too, and i'm glad you put in a light sensitivity option. stoked to get more of the story in future installments.

the orb puzzle was a bit buggy for me. at first i dropped them onto the pedestals incorrectly (i think i was too low) and then it wouldn't let me pick it back up (or anything else) unless i loaded a save. i think i also sequence broke the museum by finding the hidden passages too early?

looking forward to more great things from this game!!

okboy!! i checked out your game because i saw you were playing mine and it's so good! i fell in love with this little blob in like 10 minutes and i started tearing up at the end. the music is so good and the gameplay is a fun challenge. thank you for putting this in my life <3

four hours, that's crazy! the concept of building a game off of processor-dependent games is genius. i'm too much of a wimp to get past level three, hehe, but kudos!

i'm going to make all my friends play this game. good work :P

only 62 deaths, that's not bad, right? ;w;

this game killed me!! it's like a foul-mouthed children's book! great work!

beautiful game! just beat it on normal mode. the soundtrack and art really nail the dreamy, glitchy aesthetic, and the gameplay has an incredible amount of depth. the way you use scale is phenomenal! i love dreaming bipedal potato squid and i hope they have sweet dreams <3

fun concept!! here's my masterpiece:

this is very moving, and a little chilling. i'm a korean-american man so i'm familiar with racism, but it stuns me how different experiences are across race and gender. i always find it hard to talk about microaggressions, too, but you managed to convey so well what's not so "micro" about the situation. thank you for sharing :)