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my daddy and my mommy and my daddy and my mommy

what did i just play

game sometimes doesn't pick up your inputs and does a double backspace which is really annoying

I op, please nerf

It feels like you don't have enough time to complete the minigames, especially with the dual typing minigame. Also, some combinations don't appear and some genres from the completion screen just don't appear at all, but that's understandable since, you know... game jam. Other than that, this is pretty fun!

start button broken

haha no

everything is too slow

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hey so you said you were going to add done in the discord server but it's not here yet, what's going on

How am I supposed to run a folder?

What folder? What file do I need to run?

No, I just got a zip with no executables.

What file do I open? I'm not seeing any executables.

Yes, they are.

No, it is not allowed. Also, I forgot to show the theme.

You can use any assets, as long as they fit the four-color rule.

It wasn't a password, unity itself didn't let me log in. I know my password, but unity just said no.

It's called Two-Bit Jam and I created it a while ago. I've had to delay the date by two days.

I made a jam and it's still waiting to be approved, but it starts in a day! It should've been approved by now! Help!

Yeah, I'm having the same issue too. I created a jam where you can only use four colors, but it's not showing up. It probably should've shown up by now...

I already left and joined another jam.

What's Turbosquid?

Unfortunately, this complication will force me to leave the jam. Sorry, and I wish you all luck.

I was looking for cat assets on the asset store and I can't sign in to my account on the unity hub, so unless this bug gets fixed lightning fast, I'll need to put effort into 3D models.

Low Effort Jam 4 community · Created a new topic Hello!

I likely won't finish but it'll be fun

There is not

Really cool! I'd love to see this fully fleshed out.  I'd probably even buy it!