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A shoot-em-up where your controls have healthbars
Submitted by Pieter Pauwels (@_Pietson), Tom Ryckeboer (@HeimGame) — 15 minutes, 45 seconds before the deadline
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How does your game fit the theme?
Your actions (movement, attack) have health bars you need to maintain. Your can 'run out' of control

Did your team create the art for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We created all art during the game jam

Did your team create the audio for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We created all audio during the game jam

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I really like the visuals, the environment and general aesthetic of the game is really nice.


Awesome game! Took me a while to figure out why I suddenly couldn't move or shoot anymore, because I never RTFM.


I hate having to read instructions too, so I try to make it visually clear. Of course, the healthbar and the sound that plays if you're all out are the main indicators, but I get that might not be readily apparent! ;)


Really impressive that you made all the assets, sound and music during the jam! I have a particularly weird monitor so the fov looked really weird for me but that's not something I can blame the game for. I really liked the core game mechanic but I think it needs a little bit of tweaking because I always felt like my moves ran out of usage just a little bit quicker than they should but other than that this is an excellent submission!


Thanks for the feedback! We've added and tweaked a lot in the next patch - there is also a bug where your last movement on the horizontal and vertical axis keeps depleting even if you released the key, so that's a big part of it. There are also a lot more healing pickups around the level, and more clarity in what they do. A lot to look forward to in terms of quality of life and gameplay tweaks!

I'm personally responsible for the audio part, and the brunt of the sound recording part is vocal/mouth sounds! Sounds like the bone rattles are some wooden pencils being picked up, and I've also got some experience making tracks for my games. As for the FOV, it should be the default 90 degrees angle you see everywhere. I'll try to remember to include an FOV slider in the settings!


Oh we did some foley for our game too! We used a balloon and a ruler in a path tub to make sounds of a oar rubbing against the flamingo dinghy in our game. The FOV slider would be a appreciated but my monitor is 3840x1080 so it really is a special case :'D


this game looks great with everything having been made in the jam time, and I think the core mechanics are really compelling. a couple balancing tweaks, and I think this would be really good. nice work!


We've implemented some enemy variety, bug fixes & a bunch of other things in the next update after the jam is finished. I think it plays really well right now!


Great looking game. Found the lack of controls an annoyingly fun mechanic, in a good way!


Fun and polished but mouse input could use some work.


Lovely take on the theme - I think I saw your skeleton model in discord during the jam (or at least one very similar?), very cute!