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Made it myself in FL Studio, used my own cat's meows. Here's a lossless download link:

I hate having to read instructions too, so I try to make it visually clear. Of course, the healthbar and the sound that plays if you're all out are the main indicators, but I get that might not be readily apparent! ;)

What was the intended route to jump across that gap without having to kill people? Just curious. Overall, nice work though!

The rotating level concept is really fun, and the Mr Weenie controls very nicely.

The inverted vertical camera is a weird default setting, and the stars were hard to get sometimes, even when standing right on top of them. It's also better to make the goal clearer by adding a counter for how many stars you need to collect. Always a bit easier to introduce mechanics to the player by showing rather than telling (provided they even view the instructions).

Pretty fun, nice artstyle. The jumping arc could do with a bit more love though - try tweaking the gravity and the jump speed!

A bit unclear to begin with without knowing the controls beforehand. Perhaps make it so that if you hold the grab button the ball starts rolling your way (as if you're grabbing the chain)? It's a bit tricky to move accurately with the physics and I'm not really sure what that patrol camera-like thing was supposed to do, pull you in? I also got stuck in a corner twice and had to restart.

An interesting concept though, just some more tweaks and it could be really interesting!

Nice atmosphere and music. Bit weird that I had to type in the style number instead of just shifting through the styles :P I also came across a big floor gap I couldn't get across without turning into a werewolf and killing four people (also, if I didn't stop killing I would've been stuck on the other side). Was there a jump button I missed?

Also kinda feels like it needs just another mechanic to make things more interesting.

Thanks for the feedback! We've added and tweaked a lot in the next patch - there is also a bug where your last movement on the horizontal and vertical axis keeps depleting even if you released the key, so that's a big part of it. There are also a lot more healing pickups around the level, and more clarity in what they do. A lot to look forward to in terms of quality of life and gameplay tweaks!

I'm personally responsible for the audio part, and the brunt of the sound recording part is vocal/mouth sounds! Sounds like the bone rattles are some wooden pencils being picked up, and I've also got some experience making tracks for my games. As for the FOV, it should be the default 90 degrees angle you see everywhere. I'll try to remember to include an FOV slider in the settings!

We've implemented some enemy variety, bug fixes & a bunch of other things in the next update after the jam is finished. I think it plays really well right now!