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LOWRPGBTNG(Large open world rpg but there's no game)View game page

the biggest budget game of the year but there's no game.
Submitted by DrkWarrior — 1 day, 23 hours before the deadline
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LOWRPGBTNG(Large open world rpg but there's no game)'s page


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Shitposting at its finest.


This is really funny but I had to give it one star for obvious reasons. I expect a bigger sequel (> 22 bytes) for next years jam!


Is it some kind of AAA game industry metaphore


This is an absolutely genius play on the theme and I have rated it 5 stars accordingly.

There is literally no game.

That defeats the purpose of a game jam

I've never seen such intense gameplay in a game jam! :O

10/10. It said there was no game, and I thought that opening it would bring a blank screen. But I got even less. Thank you.

The zip doesn't even open! This is quite ridiculous


Nice concept but I feel like the execution could have been better, then again, it's not like we had years to work on those games

Are you the same serponge from geometry dash


I'm afraid I might be.. decided to try out this jam! 


Hahah that's pretty cool, I haven't played geometry dash in almost a year, I learned how to code and drifted away. I remember your levels though and thinking back now you were literally programming within a geometry dash level. I love seeing how some games unintentionally become turing complete.


Yeah GD was a good time, It helped me learn about game design actually, so I can't be thankful enough!

Also yeah, GD is pretty crazy on that aspect, I've rarely seen a level editor go that far in term of possibilities and customisations, usually it's either you can do lots of stuff gameplay wise (minecraft), or you can do lots of stuff art wise (little big planets I believe) but GD mixes both!

I never made anything complex in geometry dash, but I remember back when I played minecraft making mini games using command blocks... I didn't know how to code then but it was definitely a lot of fun.

Can I add you on discord? I'd love to do some game development with you if you don't mind.


It has no bugs. nice

What an original game idea xD


The game is too heavy for what it does (22 bytes, I was expecting 16 bytes at most) but is a game jam, so it is understandable


Sorry, but I have a very large 1 kb hard drive so sometimes I don't take into account file size. I'll try to see if I can replace the assets lower-resolution versions though. That might bring it down by a gigabyte per asset if I'm lucky.