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I'm not sure it's possible for all of us to marry together but letsgog


thanks space :))


I agre

Okay that's a really cool take on the snake game, I got up to 4 snakes at once, and at first I thought it'd stop at 2. Just how many can you get at the same time??? Crazy stuff, very cute art too :)

Incredible game, I can't believe how polished this is with the amount of levels and mechanics there are! Hats off! Lovely music too

Sweet game with very interesting mechanics :)

Very clever game! The idea seems super simple on paper, yet I think it's the first time I see something quite like this, some nice puzzles in there :)

Loved it, I wish I figured out level 13 on my own because it's actually very clever but I had to look down the comment, the ambiance when you get to the last room seemed really cool sadly I pressed the button way too fast but wow that looked really cool! Only complaint I have would be regarding the controls, would have been easier for me to be able to rotate buttons by simply clicking again on them with the same button input to drag em, just you shouldn't hold for it to work! Other than that yeah, loved it :)

Actually I forgot to put it in the description but you can toggle fullscreen with F11! But there's definitely something to change with the way you aim/the camera work either way, because due to the autoscroll the cursor will constantly drift :/

Yeah maybe with an aura of some sort to indicate that to the player, but in that case we'd probably have to zoom out the camera as well so that the playing field doesn't become too small

Glad you didn't find it frustrating! It's always pretty scary to try to strike the right balance for a game to be entertaining and interesting but not fall into pure frustration. Thanks a lot :)


I hope you managed to beat it, it can be pretty tough :p

Yeah I agree, sadly we ran out of time to fix this issue :/

Right now we're trying to think about what we could do to make it work, we thought about adding walls of flesh that you shouldn't hit on the side so that shooting on the walls become full part of the gameplay but it could also make it much harder, so we're not really sure what to do. Oh yeah it should be noted that bullets don't actually kill anything offscreen they do get destroyed past the screen border, but the problem is bullets taking long enough to reach the edge that an ennemie appear, so maybe making bullets faster would fix it?

Really good game, probably one of the most polished I played during this jam! Tons of potential here :)

A really neat puzzle game that starts off as very simplistic and soon turns into a very complex game that you could probably spend hours on trying to figure out some of these (queen level I'm look at you)

Very clean presentation by the way :)

Surely an interesting little game, glad I went through and played it fully :)

Amazing art, and quite unique gameplay! Took me a bit to adapt but once I got in the groove it became really fun :)

Thanks a lot! Funnily enough we actually lost our graphic artist during the jam (they had to do family stuff that weekend) so then we had to improvise and that's why we chose this messier, more chaotic, grayscale style! Glad you liked it :)

Insanely addicting game. Made it to level 34 before I forced myself to quit. I found myself coming up with a ton of different methods to solve the levels like mentally remembering that a key shouldn't be used anymore and even hand-writing some algebraic systems of equations to figure things out. Too far? Probably.

Really cool experience! I like the aesthetic of the game. Seems really hard at first, but I started to get the hang of it over time. Only annoying thing is that I would lose multiple lives due to the brain popping up mid-jump. That said, I think the brain is a really cool feature that the other platformers don't have. I also really like the build up of energy as you're starting to lose lives.

Awesome game! Feels super polished which made for a really fun time. Void square took me a while to figure out, but I ended up making it all the way to the last level!

What a creative take on the theme! Graphics look amazing and whole concept of the game is hilarious. I might be very bad at it, but I had a blast playing it.

Well executed concept. I love the feel and the feedback that the game gives you. What you're supposed to do is super apparent after only about 10 seconds, and it was a fun experience overall. Only issue I found is that the ai is really easy to bait, so most of the time I just camped behind a wall when I couldn't shoot.

The color scheme and overall art style looks fantastic! I wish I could get farther into the game to experience more.

Out of all the platformers that have this type of "changing keys" gameplay, I think you pulled it off the best! The narration really helps with the experience, which drew me in to play until the end.

that surely is a funny game, the camera actually goeees wild, was interesting to play to say the least

I got a game over tho :(

This sound design!! Super polished, the way it starts, how it dynamically change upon death, it fits so well! As for the game itself, I also like how it looks, and gameplay wise I def started feeling more and more out of control as it sped up, at one point I was litterally just tapping both direction hoping to go where I wanted lol

This is super interesting,  having to decide between shooting and saving yourself from the ghost blocks but creating a new hazard that will bounce around to haunt you or not shooting but losing some life is one of the many tough decision you have to make while on the go, and that's pretty intense! Good job :)

(1 edit)

Pretty close indeed, and actually we had to update the game 2 min before the deadline due to it missing important features, almost thought we wouldn't make it :p

That's super cool that you point that part out, because we wondered a long time on how to convey that you shouldn't shoot the characters and never really settled on a definitive solution. I think it's indeed interesting to have the player first go on a genocide run only for him to realize upon death that he should probably have spared them, but there was one scenario that had us worried:
What if a player decides to not kill the white dudes?
Once it becomes a challenge to avoid hitting them that's where he might start shooting them accidentally and not really understand/care that if he does that too much the consequence will be harsh! Then he might end up dying way further than usual the first time, which may lead to frustation.  And in the end we never really solved that, so we just ended up posting hints in the description on to try and prevent that. Hopefully if we end up updating the game later we'll find a solution to that without having to use text because honestly I think "show don't tell" is definitely something that's worth striving for!

P.S.: sorry for the long message, might have went a bit too far here^^

Once I got the groove of it, it definitely was enjoyable :)

Love the way it looks! Gameplay wise I like the risk vs reward aspect of seeing where something is going to fall but not knowing if it'll be fuel or death coming for you, so you have the choice of waiting below the signal or playing it safe! My highscore was 14732 :)

This... this is perfect I guess?? This gave me so much anxiety right off the bat, which is probably... what you wanted. Honestly love it, this sound design is really cool and further drives you insane, I mean, hard to be more fitting to the theme lol

Moving around is definitely infuriating, but I get that was intended, would be too easy else, and driving you mad is well, surely gonna drive you further into insanity as well!

So yeah, really nice job!

Wow I really like this one, I won't lie at first I really didn't get it, I thought it was impossible to control myself and that it was completely random but progressively I learnt to fight through the chaotic ball, and this felt really good. It's like playing a coop game with a friend that will constantly try to make you die, but in a fun and fair way once you get it, you have just enough control to not die an unfair way but it's still chaotic enough that you most likely won't get straight to the goal :p

That last free fall definitely made my heart skip a bit, I was lucky enough to fit right through the first time but oh boy did I see death coming as the gap became tighter. Lovely landing in the roses :)

Thanks, happy to see all this was worth the final hours rush stress :p

Hey! Thanks a lot for playing!

There is indeed a way to go to fullscreen if you press F11, hopefully we'll find a way to make windowed playing a bit more bearable if we update the game! And honestly, I was thinking we could have had two modes, survivor where it's just the way it is right now, and explorator, where you have checkpoints and health that replenish here! Sadly we ran out of time and even doing a simple game over screen was compromised :/

That said we really want to continue this and at least finish this level (the song our artist made was 7 min long and we only used around 2 min of that)! Maybe you'll be able to play that when it comes out!

Again, thanks for the feedback :)

I really like the concept of this, it can get pretty chaotic in the later levels and it's kinda cool how this turns the wave surviving concept into a puzzle of which key to replace with the persistent one and when. My keyboard has a different layout so I usually have to change it to qwerty before playing games that use keyboard keys for movements, but here I could almost do some sort of keybinding in game by playing well lol, super neat!

Really fun concept, at first seems pretty simple but then you realize how much control you have over the bar by tilting it the right way, I really liked the way we have to use it near the end. I feel like this is the kinda game where you could have a huge map that you have to climb with the possibility of falling back to earlier levels, like getting over it. But yeah really nice physics, seemed to work pretty well for me :)

Exactly!! So many ways this can be expanded upon. Maybe even near the end when the intensity is at its highest the bpm gets so high that the bullets, being so close together, form a laser and now you have to use moving platforms and "perspective" to your advantage to avoid hitting anyone! But yeah, thank you so much for the kind words!