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I really enjoyed this game, congratulation for coming up with the concept!

49:33, great concept, I enjoyed the buffalo hunting in the last day (I deployed all foxes across the map and kept changing from one fox to another so I could see areas where I had no foxes)

It would be great if AI foxes could just stand without attacking (its hard to be changing foxes in order to keep the bufalo within a certain area).

Also, I found no correlation between foot prints and prey location (probably I just didn't know how to read them properly) but what about some scent mechanic, similar to the one in twilight princess

Perfect adherence to the theme, and very original too.

The controllers felt a little clumsy, but I think the idea have potential

Sounds like fun, here's my discord bardackx#1712, I can help you with JS

Didn't know that RPG Maker used javascript now, can you elaborate on the idea? Maybe I can help I eat JS for breakfast

I bet this would be super fun to play on the go, like a 2d sonic, and a speed tun will look amazing.

It needs some improvements in the camera section. I stopped playing in the jumping daysies section, I got dizzy from the crazy camera movements. I hope to resume it later.

your souncloud link is wrong

it should be

The game is too heavy for what it does (22 bytes, I was expecting 16 bytes at most) but is a game jam, so it is understandable

I don't want to be mean, but there's already a game named witch way (I'm not sure if the name is already registered though)