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SideBreaker (Jam Version)View game page

Made for GeoJam2022
Submitted by AhoyItsPhil (@AhoyItsPhil) — 42 seconds before the deadline
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What did you eat/drink during the jam?
Lots of crackers, optionally with nutella spread.

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Haha, I'm goin’ to give this entry's music a 5-star rating because I used this same song in one of my earlier games and it reminded me of it (plus, I also use Godot, so I got some serious nostalgia)

This is also a super good entry, one of the more creative ones

Thank you   :)


The game is good, the music is good too but the visuals weren t that great to be honest.

Cool game! Really enjoyed it! Please rate my game! I rated yours!!


Nice game it's just that you can click on all the shooting keys at once and win the game

I rated your game please rate mine >>>


Nice game! I like the art style and the music a lot! You could kind of cheese it but just staying still and clicking every shoot button at once. Maybe make it so you shoot every side with one button because its a little hard to move and click the buttons at the same time.

Nice game with some tweaks it could be really good!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

This turned out to be a surprise favourite of mine! Its very addictive and seeing the enemies go down quicker and quicker was lots of fun. The enemy spawning really discourages the movement which is a bit of a shame, and the enemies don't spawn on the left, but it does keep the focus on shooting the enemies quick enough.

As I upgraded more (with about 12 cannons in total), I found a bit of a performance issue, it seems like its tied to the amount of bullets I'm spawning. My best guess is that you aren't deleting the bullets fast enough / at all? But its so far into the game that it isn't really an issue and hence why you shouldn't care :D

The music is, of course, a perfect fit.

Overall, an addictive game that I could play even more with a few tweaks and additions.

Well done!


Thanks! I actually forgot to delete the bullets after they leave the screen...whoops! Thanks for letting me know. Glad you enjoyed it!


The interpretation of the theme was pretty cool and the gameplay kept me hooked for some time even though I could just stay in the middle and spam the keys. The music was also quite nice. Overall, I enjoyed the game. :D


It's a bit repetitive, I played a few levels and the only enemies I saw were red squares. 


Interesting game, and a good interpretation of the theme. You can just stay in the middle and spam, and I think the enemies don't spawn on the left? But some more variation in things you could add to your cube, or pickups during the levels would have been nice. Overall decent job!


Nice submission, and cool interpretation of the theme! It's a small detail but zooming in and out on the square when you're upgrading it or starting a level, and the cannons staying exactly where you placed them was a really nice touch - I think it actually really helped the game feel smooth and nice to use. Though it's a shame the enemies only spawn where they do - I didn't need to move at all to beat the levels as I could just stay still and hit the i, k and l buttons quickly. If that was changed then it could be a very fun game.