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Beautiful. Gives off nice cozy animal crossing vibe. 

this gaem is truly the dark souls of borger

Lifechanging. Inspirational. Better than real therapy.

Cool idea! Great gameplay idea with a unique presentation!

This was great! I'm impressed you were able to fit such a variety of puzzles within Renpy! Every character was so fun to interact with and the plot homages to Zero Escape were as funny/meta as they were heartbreaking.

Since the puzzles can be solved multiple ways, does that also mean there are multiple endings? I noticed there's some alternate dialogue based on how I solved the first puzzle. Does the same apply to the others?

Great concept and execution! The emails were really funny to read. Truly the ultimate simulation of finally responding to all the emails piling up in my inbox. Lots of replayability, especially because my trackpad adds extra difficulty lol. My only suggestion would be more feedback to the player when you unlock/ban someone's account since there's just the green outline which is easy to miss when everything is going crazy. But the core gameplay is smooth and hits the same stride where it's easy to pick up but hard to master!

Oh, and do you have plans for a browser version?

A solid prototype! What you have now is a good foundation to add your unique mechanics later. The only other basic mechanic I would add would be to replace towers - right now you can only plant one and that pot is locked in as a cactus/pumpkin. I assume once more plant types are added I would want to delete the cheaper, weaker towers.

I also want to compliment the relaxed vibe compared to other tower defense games; usually there's a million particle effects and sounds. The music is relaxing and the garden aesthetic makes me feel like a kid messing around in the backyard. I look forward to seeing future updates!

Thank you featuring our game on your channel! Unfortunately you encountered the two big glitches: some spaces get "Stuck" and you can't pack there and the music does not properly loop. Small things like that slip through during a game jam. But it was great to hear it was relatable and you were able to enjoy it!

This was an amazing first look at the Astral Guard universe! I appreciated all the little touches like the animations of the group interacting with the table or the silly flashback animation.
Just curious, how many portraits does Astra have compared to everyone else? It felt like she had a new one for every planet!

A great mix between top-down RPG and platformer!
I used the keyboard and the controls were easy to use, though for the RPG sections I would suggest having Z be a dual shoot and interact button instead of splitting it between Z and C. It was kind of awkward changing the way my hands rest on the keys between the RPG and shooting sections (I typically have two fingers laying on Z and X).
The art style is great! The main characters are expressive and enemies are easy to tell apart at a glance.
This demo was great to play and I look forward to seeing more development updates!

Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed the game. Sorry about the double zoom-in, were you using itch's built-in fullscreen button? I had people say they had problems with the camera when using the fullscreen button so I disabled it.

Thanks for the feedback! I'll try to fix those if I update the game (especially the invincibility one).

The art style is very cute! But the game is very luck based, and I felt like I had no control over the final two houses since I can't discard or trade cards. It's so tempting to play again because I'm always so close to winning!

Very cute! 

The art for this game is fantastic! Each sprite is cute and it's easy to tell the difference between enemies and background. It's impressive you made them on your own. The gameplay started slow, I feel like I had no choice but to upgrade the sprint speed for the first few levels or it was impossible to outrun even the basic bats. But once I reached the higher levels the game hit its stride! A well-done first project that accomplishes the arcade feel.

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A simple game but effective use of atmosphere that kept me playing again and again. The cute visuals help offset how tense the situation really was. I really liked how Seiko's expressions changed based on how far she got and how long the correct streak was. Thanks for including the list of used cards, it made it easier to work out the odds on the fly.

The other mechanic I would change would be making the jump much higher. It was difficult to get over the obstacles without using the gravity switch mechanic. Though you might be able to turn that into a mechanic: the player has to adjust the gravity of their jump? Or they can ONLY reverse gravity, not jump at all? Exploits and glitches are great ways to experiment and find new gameplay mechanics.

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Great arcade fun! The slowdown effect while choosing an upgrade always looked cool, and it was always clear how much health I had and how many enemies to beat until I could rank up. The only thing I would add would be some way to tell enemy health, they did not react much to the player's shots. Maybe changing their color based on health or adding health meters above the enemies so the player can see their health?

This had a strong start but eventually devolved into just randomly picking options. Picking the side of the world was cool as a level select, but all of the challenges on the sides of the world were just me wandering around and guessing the right bridge or road or stumbling around in the dark. The game would be more on theme if it focused on the cube world and using its sides for gameplay.

Yeah, I had the same issue losing all of friday to my work schedule. Still sounds like a cool concept I would like to try out if you all decide to keep working on this after the jam!

For a game made in one hour, it's actually pretty good. The jumping is incredibly wonky, but it was a good puzzle trying to figure out which side of the screen would lead to the correct path to flag. Since the levels are so small it wasn't too hard to see where each side went.

An smart, relaxing take on the theme. A good mix of problem solving while having to plan how I would execute my skills and decide which one to give up. I appreciate the cozy vibes of this game.

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I'm not sure why I keep dying randomly. On the page you mention there's a way to control focusing on attacking and defending the immune system? But I don't know how to access the immune system.

I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be doing. I can guess this is some kind of RTS command-the-units game? But there are no instructions explaining how to play so I had to guess. Consistently had a glitch where the cubes in the top/left lane would run back to home base and then run to the enemy, and the enemy team never spawned.

The idea was good, but the game is easy to cheat by just staying in the middle and spamming polarity. I'm not sure why the background brick wall kept flipping its texture.

Reminds me of the show "Hole in the wall". The tooltip about matching the wall color to the player color was the perfect advice I needed to figure out that rotating left and right is for changing the shape while up and down is for changing the color. The game got repetitive after a while, adding more difficulty like more shapes or speeding up the player as they clear more walls would make the game more difficult and fun.

The game looks good and played well once the difficulty got high enough. The difficulty was slow at first but got interesting around difficulty 9-10 when enemies started to consistently spawn. There were good reasons to choose either side, but because of the slow difficulty curve blue is the better one because I didn't need the extra health at the start. Overall great visual design (the line from tip to cursor was very helpful with my aim) with gameplay that was slow at first but was solid when it reached its stride.

Simple but effective. I can see far enough ahead to plan when I want to switch and it's easy to tell which color I will change into. If I could change one thing I would like the color switching to be possible on keyboard as well (maybe with the arrow keys): This game is extra difficult using a laptop trackpad. If you plan on expanding the game, I would add moving or varied platforms so timing the color switching would be harder to time.

Thanks! I actually forgot to delete the bullets after they leave the screen...whoops! Thanks for letting me know. Glad you enjoyed it!

Yes. I would say burst was the one that took the most skill. Glide was easy enough to float through almost the whole level, while I could dash over almost every obstacle but one. With burst I had to use the moving platform, so I had to time my bursts with its speed.

A good mashup of trivia and FPS. Answering questions was easy, but enemy collision was a bit wonky: sometimes they get stuck in the floor and can sometimes instantly defeat the player. Overall it was fun and was at its best when I knew some questions but not all so I would get a good balance of bonuses and penalties.

Simple, but fun. Each card was easy to understand and being able to change the side of the card was good if I drew cards I did not want. The game became repetitive after a couple of playthroughs, but that's just a limitation of the game jam and I enjoyed the game regardless.

Easy to play, but I could use more information when playing. I could not tell I was moving when I first started the game, that could be fixed by placing the introduction text at the player's spawn point so I could see it move. While I knew I had to find the key, I did not know how to find it. It was not explained how figure out the correct color option and I just guessed for each choice.  

Looks stylish and the varied gameplay abilities each level kept the game interesting. The gameplay was easy to understand and complete, but that also means even the final level gave me no meaty challenges no matter which ability I picked.  I would definitely play a version with longer levels and more difficulty.

This submission was a great mix of arcade fun and stylish aesthetic. The sound effects gave everything weight and the bright colors were used sparingly enough not to overload the eyes. Honestly the design was so good I had fun just clicking the circle on the title screen before even playing a level. The gameplay was challenging but the levels are short and respawning is quick enough that I never got frustrated.
Had a glitch where the music would permanently stop playing if you choose "mode select" and I couldn't re-enable it without reloading the page.

This is a good first start. The player controls well and there were no glitches. But it did not really fit the theme of the jam. I hope to see you submit more games in the future!

This was really fun to play! The game was easy to play and being forced to pick a new weapon and figuring out how it worked kept the game interesting for a long time. The only thing I would add would be a way to see the health of enemies. I would love to see an expanded version with more enemies and weapon types!

Good gameplay idea, but the execution could use some work. The game looks great, and the background being in sync to the music was a cool touch. However, the controls were very fast and slippery so I felt like I did not have full control over my character. WIthout a health counter I did not know how many hits I had left to survive. Also, for games like this you will want to put a strobing light warning for the background suddenly changing colors.
For people who are wondering, here is a screenshot of the game: