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Thank you for playing! I had difficulty coming up with a title (as I always do), so I definitely see your point there. And the bot is definitely way more difficult than it had to be, I even made it easier because it was pretty much impossible to win at first (the bounce pad would also switch the balls to orange which made it extremely difficult). Thank you for the feedback though!

Thank you for playing! Yeah, that was a major concern, I couldn't think of a way to make singleplayer any fun. Although I haven't tried 2 player with another person so I don't even know if it's fun that way.

Thank you for playing! Yeah I really put a lot of thought into the title, it took longer to come up with than the game took to make.

Really good job! The movement was a bit wonky, because eventually the thrusters would just stop moving and you had to re-add them, like if you spammed the thruster it would launch you really fast. Overall good game!

Good job with the geometrics and theme!

Thanks! There is a book in the top right that after you have discovered a main, a good combo, or a bad combo, it will display the food and its name. 


Thank you!

Fun! One thing I found annoying was that if you pressed W to jump it slowed the player down, meaning you couldn't make most jumps so I was confused at the beginning as to why I couldn't beat the levels. Otherwise great job!

Thank you! Yeah, each judge only has 6 lines, because the "dialogue" system is really scuffed tbh.  But thank you for playing!

Really fun! It was really easy after a while but other than that fantastic job!

Loved this game! One thing I might change is to have the angry mob only start moving when you start moving.

What are you talking about? Syl is just your everyday diabolical triangle man.

Thanks! After you have found a main dish or a really good/bad combo you can use the book in the top right to look at the dishes and what goes with what. 

Thanks! We know that the art isn't as "geometrical" as it should be, but it still looks great.

Thank you very much! Im glad you liked it.

Good job!

Thank you very much! I am glad you liked it. And we did!

Thank you a lot!

Fun strategy card game! I enjoyed it but died to the sea monster.

Loved the concept and all the different enemies!

Fun little puzzle game!

Fun too easy

Pretty fun! Movement was smooth, but the camera angle made it hard to see everything. I liked how you didn't have to restart when you hit the red thingies!

Thank you!

Fun game too easy nice conept tho

Good job! The movement was really floaty but other than that it was pretty enjoyable.

Fun but hard! Took me a while to figure out this was a level based game and not randomly generated. Fun, but sometimes you fly through the bouncy walls in the middle because collision doesn't update enough.

Nice little platformer, enjoyed it quite a bit, figuring out each level. Good job!

Good game, but it's more of a zero player game and also sometimes they are stuck for like 20 seconds until overtime to a way to speed up time or skip to overtime instantly would be nice. Overall good concept! Also settings were broken.

Interesting puzzle platformer! It is pretty challenging to get the timings right. Good job!

Pretty fun and simple top-down shooter with upgrades, but I found you could just sit in the middle without moving and it was pretty easy. Maybe an incentive to move around, like instead of just instantly getting the coins you have to go pick them up after killing an enemy. Good game!

I love rhythm games, so this was really fun for me. It took a minute to figure out because the tutorial was a little hard to understand, but it was intuitive enough that I only dies once. Maybe have a difficulty curve? It was really easy, I stopped at 200 score. But it went really well with the theme, the music was nice, and the art was nice. And the idea for the shields was a really smart one! Overall great job!

Both sides are very different and are pretty fun to play. Good job!

Interesting game, and a good interpretation of the theme. You can just stay in the middle and spam, and I think the enemies don't spawn on the left? But some more variation in things you could add to your cube, or pickups during the levels would have been nice. Overall decent job!

Thank you for playing! They can be mean unless you pick the right sides. If you look in the book it will tell you which sides go with what (as long as you have already found the combo).

Thank you!

I like the puzzle mechanics and the sound design was nice. There is a small bug where if you press multiple inputs sometimes it will cause the frog to fly off-screen and you can't stop it. Good job!

I like the puzzle mechanics and the sound design was nice. There is a small bug where if you press multiple inputs sometimes it will cause the frog to fly off-screen and you can't stop it. Good job!

Ok, that last bug in the notes is actually fixed I just forgot to remove it!