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Super Odyssey 2DView game page

Demake inspired by Mario Odyssey
Submitted by Eendhoorn (@EendhoornGames) — 2 days, 1 hour before the deadline

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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Level Design#213.5563.556
Color Usage#254.0004.000

Ranked from 9 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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I played the demake attempt but the controls are a little frustrating.  Maybe I'm missing something, but the hat thrown position is not always in the same spot, so throwing and jumping on it is so inconsistent it makes it frustrating to play.  And because the correction in the air is so sluggish, you can't correct and hit the hat, instead just miss it and obviously fall.  This could because I never played the original though, so am not used to the physics.

You're obviously really talented, so congrats on getting the game done in time, it's a good effort.


Hey, thanks for the feedback. The place where the hat float depends on how soon you release the throwing button. In the original game you kind of learn to hold the button all the time. But I was considering to just make it a standard duration with a single press. Just out of curiosity, were you playing in keyboard or with a controller? 


I was playing on keyboard.  I tried holding at different times, but when running and doing it, I was getting some mixed results.  Maybe I need to go back and give it more time.  The lack of air control though hurt in getting those exact movements to navigate platforms.

I'm guilty too, as my game, Porter, is fairly floaty, but considering I don't have a lot of finite control requirements, I'm excusing myself, hehe.


I played exclusively on a controller when I was developing, so you might be right though. I'll take a look and see if I can fix it later :)


Cool.  What was this written in?

Also feel free to play and rate my entry too.  Always good to get feedback on your own attempts.


I've been meaning to check out all entries once I'm a bit less busy, I'm sure I'll come across yours at some point :) 

It was made in monogame! 

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The demake is good, but the music It's scandalous, a bad 8-bit remix of the Waterfall Kingdom, and there are unplayable areas.


It is actually the music from Cascade Kingdom. I took a look at the sheet music for the song so the notes are all at the right place, but yeah I can imagine the gameboy beeps might be ear piercing after a while :p
All areas are reachable, you gotta use the hat to reach some of them!

Ok, but Waterfall it's synonymous of Cascade. At least improve the music of the NES version, I was referring to inaccessible because it was so complicated that it uses Cappy to reach far areas.


The gamejam is over now so I'm afraid I'm not allowed to make any more changes to the game. Those cappy moves might be hard yeah, but I wanted the game to be challenging! 


This game is def hard feel like there are some hidden moons in there, think I got about 7 or so found one other near the bottom but couldn't figure out what i needed to do to get to it. Also... SUPERJUMP! XD


Haha yeah I know that bug, but I didn't have any time to fix it :p

Try playing the Demakejam version, that one has 2 times the resolution so it's way easier to see where you're going! The gbjam version is nigh impossible :p