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Our first ever game !

A topic by AkaiKen created Aug 21, 2018 Views: 114 Replies: 8
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We have developed our first ever game and it's called "Son of Viking". Its a 2D Platform horror game.  All the drawings were drawn by us. I hope you give the game a try. Its available on Windows.  

We will add new levels, enemies, bosses and traps in the future, so please give us your opinion and tell how we could make it more fun :)


-Thanks a lot 


Great job guyz! I will give it another try to beat it :)


You may beat Level 5, but I don't think you can beat Level 7. Its hard for you lol BTW, hard for me too XD


Looks pretty cool, will try it over the weekend and rate it hopefully :)


Hope you like it. Keep trying to beat it because it won't be easy XD.


the graphics are decent ... the atmosphere is also quite good 

Great job :)


Thanks a lot. Glad you liked it, because only few people like the PixelArt style.


nice game really liked the game grahics, music and sound effects!

but it's so hard actually xD, i got stuck on level 3, but great job!

you can also check out my puzzle platformer game, rate it and give us feedback if you would like to! ^-^


Thanks! Yeah its a hard game lol you will need to play many times to beat it XD.

i will surely check your game :D.