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nice game really liked the concept a lot

i actually had a link in the game page for browser but on another website! and hope you like it ^-^

hahaha yeah we should both fix that

thank you so much! 

your game isn't bad you can fix it after the jam don't give up ^-^

wow! awesome game! really enjoyed it a lot great job!

i loved the concept and wanted to play more! nice game ^-^ 

nice game really loved it a lot! but i only have two comments

-make the text less pixelated cause it was so hard for me to read

-maybe add some background music it would be awesome!

that's it and goodjob! ^-^

reminds me to thomas was a lone!

good game but it has a lot of problems to be fixed

-character colors are so bright and the ground is so slippery

-the camera field of view is so tiny you should try to make it bigger

-the background music annoys me kinda try changing it with something funnier!

that's all what i got and goodjob! ^-^   

thank you for your feedback!

they maybe disappearing when they touch the white platform but didn't have time to fix it ;-; 

i mean i went i got the batteries and went to the woods but didn't know where to go in the woods, it was like a maze for me

awesome game really loved it a lot and inspired me! maybe someday i will try to make something like this ^-^

nice game but was a little bit confusing didn't know where should i go after getting the four batteries and going to the woods and the filter needed to be more transparent these are my only comments :)  

nice game liked the grahics and the idea a lot but i have some comments

-it would be better if you just removed the camera movement 

-and the charterer controls are so hard and heavy 

it just needs more improvement and it would be awesome!    

😁 اللعبة و الفكرة و المؤثرات الصوتية روعة! استمتعت جدا و انا بلعبها

yeah i didn't have much time to add effects, animations and sound effects 

and thank you so much for your feedback really appreciated \(^-^)/

hahaha nice game especially the potato part 😂🥔🥔

Awesome game! loved the idea and the sound effects a lot!

but you need to add life points to the eraser beacuse it's so hard like that

Awesome game! really loved it a lot especially the game effects and those simple grahics looks kinda like my game actually!

but it only needed some background music! overall it's a cool game :D

yeah i tried it and it's kinda similar!

nice game really liked it but i have some comments, it would be better if you add checkpoints and fix the spikes colliders a little bit cause i always die of them :D 

the shapes disappear if they pass the white wall to prevent cheating in the game but i had no time at all to animate that or add effects

and thank you for your feedback ^-^

thank you! ^-^

this game is awesome! loved it a lot but my only comment is that the cube rotation speed is so fast

nice game really loved it a lot!

it's one of the top 10 games for me in this game jam 

yeah you mean in the laser part!

and thank you for trying out my game ^-^

xD اللعبة حلوة جدا بس صعبة بشكل غير عادي مش عارف حتي اعدي المياه, هو الغلط فيا؟ 

اللعبة حلوة اوي من نحية المؤثرات و طريقة اللعب و الجرافيكس عاش جدا!

اللعبة روعة من احسن اللعب الي جربتها حتي الان لكن تعليقي الوحيد هو ان الموسيقة حزينة قليلا كان ممكن تغيرها بشئ افضل غير كدا اللعبة عظيمة!

nice game really liked it but it was just missing some music and sound effects rather than that it's awesome!

لعبة جميلة و عجبتني الفكرة!

thank you! didn't know that :)

thank you so much for the feedback! ^-^

unfortunately i didn't have time to make a restart button but i will consider it next time! 

nice game really liked the game grahics, music and sound effects!

but it's so hard actually xD, i got stuck on level 3, but great job!

you can also check out my puzzle platformer game, rate it and give us feedback if you would like to! ^-^

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nice! really liked the story!

بجد احسن لعبة لعبتها في الزنقة و امتعتني جدا في كل حاجة الموسيقة, الليفلز, الفكرة, المؤثرات! عاش جدا

thank you a lot for playing ^-^ 

عجبتني اللعبة جدا من بساطتها! 

يمكنك تجربة لعبتي من هنا ايضا!

nice game but needs more improvement's 

you can check my game from here if you would like to!

looks awesome but couldn't play it cause it's android only

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this is my first game in gamezanga8 and it was so fun!
my game is called Bloxy and it's 2D puzzle platformer game made under 2 days only
you can check out my game here
or you can play it on your browser directly from here

have fun! ^-^

Nice game!

but needs more improvment's cause it's too slow

you can check my game from here if you would like to ^-^