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i really like the concept <3

the character looks scary xD

Great game guys! i really like the concept of the game. It would've been awesome if the was finished on time.

the game is so big to download 

hmm, good game

i didn't understand the concept quite well

i like the credit screen

It took me way longer than i thought to understand the game xDDD i really like it xD

this game changed my life, thanks i'm a new person now

it's so hard bro but i will try again

The shooting sound effect is music to my ears

I really like the idea! but where is the boss? xD

the game does not work when i press start

I really like the glitch effect tho

it took me 5 minutes to figure out that you switched the play button with the options button xD

I just rage quitted the game xD

Nice game! i really like the art and music

i can't pass the 3rd stage xD

I don't know how to finish the game xD

where is that field?

nice game bro!

awesome game <3 

really enjoyed playing this game <3 

loved it a lot <3


i'm so proud of you buddy <3

nice game really liked the concept a lot

i actually had a link in the game page for browser but on another website! and hope you like it ^-^

hahaha yeah we should both fix that

thank you so much! 

your game isn't bad you can fix it after the jam don't give up ^-^

wow! awesome game! really enjoyed it a lot great job!

i loved the concept and wanted to play more! nice game ^-^ 

nice game really loved it a lot! but i only have two comments

-make the text less pixelated cause it was so hard for me to read

-maybe add some background music it would be awesome!

that's it and goodjob! ^-^

reminds me to thomas was a lone!

good game but it has a lot of problems to be fixed

-character colors are so bright and the ground is so slippery

-the camera field of view is so tiny you should try to make it bigger

-the background music annoys me kinda try changing it with something funnier!

that's all what i got and goodjob! ^-^   

thank you for your feedback!

they maybe disappearing when they touch the white platform but didn't have time to fix it ;-; 

i mean i went i got the batteries and went to the woods but didn't know where to go in the woods, it was like a maze for me

awesome game really loved it a lot and inspired me! maybe someday i will try to make something like this ^-^

nice game but was a little bit confusing didn't know where should i go after getting the four batteries and going to the woods and the filter needed to be more transparent these are my only comments :)  

nice game liked the grahics and the idea a lot but i have some comments

-it would be better if you just removed the camera movement 

-and the charterer controls are so hard and heavy 

it just needs more improvement and it would be awesome!    

😁 اللعبة و الفكرة و المؤثرات الصوتية روعة! استمتعت جدا و انا بلعبها

yeah i didn't have much time to add effects, animations and sound effects 

and thank you so much for your feedback really appreciated \(^-^)/