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Thanks ... Glad you liked it :)

this is my tag  7258

Yea at first it was only glowing white later i changed it to multiple colors ... i agree it can be confusing  

Thanks Ahmad

yea the collision system needs a bit more work ... thanks

yea we can .... you can chat with me on discord  .. my username is ehabsan

Thanks  a lot .. glad you liked it 

pretty fun game ,,, a lot of innovation and quite good graphics

great job :) 

The creativity in this game is amazing  ... quite fun but also hard

innovative and even unpredicted

overall amazing job ... good luck

Thanks ... glad you liked it :)

the graphics are decent ... the atmosphere is also quite good 

Great job :)

good game .. god job :)

nice graphics and gameplay 

good concept ... good luck next time

i like the idea it's nice ... power ups can be good ... one thing is that i think when the game progresses it will be impossible to keep up with the speed of the ball - something you should think about 

cute graphics, nice gameplay , ... i believe cubo should move faster anyway :)

Good game, nice puzzle mechanics

Thanks :)

Thanks a lot :)

Thanks a lot :)

Good job, nice game and atmosphere 

Good job ... nice concept and graphics

great concept ... relaxing soundtracks 

i just had hard time with controls ... good job 

really really good ... great atmosphere in the game

it could  be just me but it's actually  really hard ... anyway nice game :)

quite fun but also hard

the game is quite fun , and nice graphics

The game is really really fun and addicting :) i think it is worth it to try to publish it after making some polishings like - high score and something to do with coins that you collect

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الجرافيكس كتي كتيرر حلوة ... الاصوات ايضا جيدة، الجيم بلاي اعتقد بده تحسين . لانه كان صعب علي اني اقدر انهي المرحلة الاولى 
بالتوفيق لكم 

اللعبة حلوة لكن مستوى اثنين كثير صعب كبداية

@Osama Deep

شكرا على التعليق


شكرا لك

I do really like the game :) the text in the screen successfully contributed to the desired atmosphere

I would suggest though that you add more sound effects, maybe a creepy scream looping in the background

compared to time this was made in, this is an amazing job

Great concept :) i believe you should add a relaxing background music

I do really like the story and the game concept :) it's unique and creative