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Great game Yasser, would add soothing background music, but the art is abstract and very nice, and the gameplay is fluid and challenging. 



Press R. :)

TI8 was a very emotional tournament, I felt sad that Fy-god didn't get the aegis (because he really deserves it), but I was very happy that n0tail finally achieved his dream.

Seems very weird, maybe the game widget lost focus in the window? I don't remember what button is supposed to progress that screen, will check and tell you.


Sorry it took a while to respond. 

What do you mean you couldn't progress after it? After you beat the wizard and get this screen, you should be transported back to the checkpoint before the wizard, where you fight a stronger version of him, and afterwards there is something else. Do you mean you are s tuck on the screen? Or that you are fighting the wizard again? Basically the wizard should be fought twice, you finished the first time :D

Glad to hear :D

Making the ship bigger is not a bad idea, I might go and do it when I have some time :) Regarding the font, I used pico-8's default font (I don't think it has any support for different fonts)... so implementing a different font in the short timespan of the jam was not an option sadly :(

Is this a sequel? Who knows, maybe... it can be, but I am not so sure!

Thank you again for playing :)

Focused on resource collection to finish as fast as possible.

There is a cool space pirate fight at 4:06.

If you played the game and just want to see the ending, it is at 9:09.

Thanks a lot for playing :D

Regarding the font, yeah I don't like it as well... sadly PICO-8 is very limited and I didn't want to waste time coding a different font.

Regarding the music, I just suck at making it, so I preferred to keep the "silence in space" ambiance to make the game also more foreboding... of course if I was good at making music (didn't want to take something someone else made for another pico game) I would have tried adding a track.

Thanks :D

C+DOWN (Yes that is a down arrow apparently xD)

A very nice entry! I didn't understand the connection to the theme very much, but aside from that, I had fun playing this :) The level design is a particular highlight. The graphics are all right, and something that can perhaps be improved is to have the goal of the levels be related to onions in some way, but aside from that, a very nice entry!

Good luck in the jam!

I liked the minimalistic aesthetic in the game, and the use of the theme was good. I would have liked to see some variation in the levels, as opposed to it always moving gates. Maybe it would have been nice to have certain tiles that change the movement direction of the square, and you need to move the tiles in the way correctly to change the direction?

I also think it would have benefited from being more of a puzzle than a quick reaction game... with some added elements (switches, tiles that change movement direction, etc), the player would need to arrange everything correctly before moving the square.

Overall a good entry, good luck!

A great concept and very good use of the theme :D I would suggest to make the rotation speed start off much slower, and then gradually increase it to increase difficulty... in addition, some sound effects or a bouncy background tune would have added so much to this!

Great entry, good luck!

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Cool game!
I liked the artstyle, the controls were very good (even though I would have liked to be able to jump just a little or more by holding the jump button, as opposed to always jumping max height - then again that would have made some of the challenges easier).  I reached level 8 and then died by accident and rage-quitted. One thing to improve would be to make the game clearer, it is too dark. I know you are going for a spooky aesthetic, but even that shouldn't interfere with being able to clearly see the obstacles, especially in a platformer.
The platform that drops down in the  the seventh level is not something that should be in a game with lives. Normally if a player dies and it is not their fault (i.e the game is trial and death), then it should have infinite lives. Otherwise telegraph the challenges/traps/obstacles perfectly to the player, as otherwise it just feels cheap when you kill them.

Also I can't see the connection to the theme.
Overall a very strong entry, good luck!

Haha, maybe I will have to post a full play-through video xD

Looks like an interesting concept, will check it out over the weekend.

Hope I get a chance to work on it sometime soon xD

Thanks! Will play yours over the weekend :)

Glad to hear that overall you enjoyed it :D

Regarding the C+DOWN, I learned the lesson (will just write C+DOWN next time). I wanted to make the trade offers with the planets be opt in... as in you go near a planet and press C to initiate a contact with it... but I sort of ran out of time, so I just made it so that it automatically offers you something every short time... I also made the player ship stop upon any sort of events, because when I was testing the game I used to get a random event while mining metals or collecting gas, and then after the events I would crash into the planet I was near because I couldn't stop fast enough xD I need to find a better solution for that... maybe no events can appear when an enemy is near would be a good idea.

You were very close to finishing it by the way! The jump that requires 50 gas is the final jump in the game currently.

Thanks for your feedback, I hope to get a chance to improve it and make a post-jam version :)

Looks pretty cool, will try it over the weekend and rate it hopefully :)

Great concept and very nice and stylish visuals! This can easily be expanded :)
Good luck in the jam!

Pretty cool game. Could use more levels :)


You can get the good ending by helping 3 people at least (and not qualifying for the other endings with higher priority, like killing a lot of animals or killing more than 1 person).


To help the warlock (devil guy), you have to go to the forest and let a dark butterfly follow you all the way to his lair. If you have not spoken to him at all, the butterfly won't appear in his lair, but you can go back one screen and it will reappear again. So speak to him, then bring him the butterfly. That way he will summon the Dark Fire and you will complete that quest.

To help the huntress, you can either cure or kill the Fire Snail. The only way to kill the fire snail is with the Dark Fire, so to kill the Fire Snail you also have to help the Warlock. On the other hand, there is a secret place in the game that will spawn a Healing Cucumber after you've spoken to the Huntress (provided she is still alive). So if you find that place and take the cucumber, you can go to the fire snail and heal it instead. Both solutions will resolve the quest.

Thank you for your kind words :D

Very cool game :D The music is hilarious and the puzzle design is very well-thought out. I liked the graphics also!

Good luck!!!

يعطيك العافية على تجهيز الفيديو!!!

شكرا :]!!!
But it is only 1 person :P so guy not guys haha xD

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it :D

Thanks a bunch for the kind words :D !!!

Thanks for your kind comment :)

Cool! Hope he gets a chance to join next year!

... and I have to shamelessly plug my own game:
Would appreciate it if you could check it out :)

Haha, nice :D

Check out my game if you get a chance, it could use a few more ratings!

Great idea, and very nice execution. I actually felt bad at the end of the game :(

If I would have any feedback it is to tighten up the mouse controls as they felt very floaty (mouse should always be in the center of the camera). Aside from that, perhaps partner up with a 3d artist next time to enable you to use less asset store assets.

Great entry all things considered :D Good luck!

Loved the pixeart! Really great stuff! Collisions with platforms/walls can be improved, as sometimes the character gets stuck. Aside from that, a pretty neat concept and a fun game (played all 4 levels).

Good luck!

Amazing visuals! The game crashed for me twice when I got to the "You're hopeless" part :( so I couldn't complete it.

Very nice entry, good luck!

Loved the art, I don't if it was intentional (probably it was the whole idea and I'm just daft), but what I understood is that the game was encouraging me to exit it, even though it wasn't giving me any choices, I always had the choice to press the X on top of the window and exit. Was I right or wrong?

Very cool, very stylish, but could benefit from some proofreading. 

Good luck :D

I got the solution after I died 3 times and read "A speaker?"... and I remember thinking when I first read the instructions "Why did they waste time making an options menu during a jam O.o?" and then it clicked xD
I loved the art and the concept, very smart. Very cool and stylish entry, good luck!

Funniest entry thus far, good job :) Like many others said, controls need improvement, and the graphics also as the difference in sprite zoom level is a bit jarring.

Very funny and sweet entry, good luck!

Thanks for your kind words :D

Cool, I need to play it again then :D

Very cool game well-drawn sprites :) The maze layout is very well-made! About the only thing I would improve is perhaps to make the theme more prominent... I didn't feel like I always had a choice... I had a choice of where to go, but I also had a feeling there was one "real" path that would be optimal.

Aside from that, wonderful entry! Good luck :)